Big guy stubby? hull?


I just read the article in the latest Surfers Journal about Hulls & Stubbies. I’m really intrigued.

I’d love to have one, but at my size (210+, 6’1”), my concern is that by the time someone makes one big enough, I may as well have a longboard with a lot of belly.

Am I off base here?

Would a 9’ Bojorquez model or Andreini be a waste?

Any ideas as to what would be ideal for me? (in New England)


hey john,

i’m 6’3" 215lbs 15% body fat…

and i just started riding a liddle

6’10" x 21 3/8 x 3 1/16

so i dunno…works for me…in fact

i love it…did very well in the

good ssw swell we had in santa cruz…

maybe kirk and the other hull-elders

can give you advice…


i’m still trying to figure out fin postions…

i have the big center one and the two sides…

so i’m messing around with which ones should

be forward…

or equal…


im 6’1" and around 200 lbs, i just made a hull that measures 6’8"x22 1/4"x3 1/16"…it floats me like a longboard.

i surfed it in knee high rincon and it worked really great…these boards dont need to be big to work well!

i usually ride a 9’8" tanker, so im a lazy paddler these days, and i could catch waves without an issue…maybe go for a 7’0, they say thats the magic number!

Your Liddle / Bojoquez Hulls are fine floaters, even for a bigger guy- I am 6’1" and about 225lbs- (perhaps a bit more as I am healing from a second round of Surfers ear surgery) I Have a mix of Hulls from 7’2" up to 8’6". Even the 7’2" which is a wider Point Plane Shape Liddle Paddles well enough to get me where I need to be- If the current is ripping or there is a weekend crowd, I might opt for an equally full outlined 7’10" - A little easier on the old Bones. You need not go above 8 foot to still compete paddling wise. The 7’ to 8’ range seems to still have that super glide/carve thing thing that you want to get out of these boards, perfect for a bigger guy!

if built right, an 8’ plus hull will surf an feel like a a mid 7 footer.i am 6’, 180lbs. and ride ‘em from 7’ to 8’8".the 8’8" roundtail is my anti-longboard longboard.that is, it paddles like a longboard but surfs the same as a shorter stub- due to shoulder issues, it is getting harder for me to keep up paddle-wise an a 7’ stub,so this is my way of solving the problem(thanks to paul gross)of course, i would like to be able to surf a 7 footer everyday like i use to…

“My 8’8” roundtail is my anti-longboard longboard "— too funny

Hi guys, new to the site, came accross it as i was looking for information on cutting down blanks, i saw this thread in the search list and thought someone here might help, i have a second 9’9 blank with a really flat rocker, it was given to me as an early christmas gift, anyway i want to build an 8’stubby out of it, but i am not sure how to cut down the blank without messing up the rocker to much, anyone got any tips? oh and in case you are wondering why i posted here well, it was because of Matt’s 8’8, its the only thing i’ve found so far in the forums that is in the size range i am after


Thanks in advance of all the help guys and sorry if i have broken any rules by posting here, i know its an old topic

Do you have any rocker specs on the blank?

Hi yeah the blank is a 9’9 King Macc based on a yater template and has 5’ of nose rocker and 3.5 of tail rocker

here’s my opinion. take it for what its worth…

If I were building the board you described, I would shoot for about 4-5" nose rocker and 1 3/4 to 2" plus or minus . I mightchange tail rocker numbers depending on different outlines, tail widths and waves I am gonna surf. I go with a smaller blank and lower tail rocker in the glue up to make things easier.

So your thinking about cutting 1’ 4" or so off either end? Take out your rocker stick, and measure rocker at these 2 points and see if it’ll work. If the blank is thick enough, you could lower the rocker even more, just make sure you have enough in the nose now.

good luck, and maybe someone that knows morethis about stuff will chime in, or you could search for past questions and answers on this website.