Big Screw up,Need Help!I cut through my stringer!

Hi Everybody,

Of course I feel pretty stupid about this and I think it´s pretty bad, but I´m not sure HOW bad it is, so I would like to hear your opinion! This is only my 3rd board and it just reminded me, that you can screw up with every step you make.

So it´s a 6.0 Fish and the space between my center fin and the tail on the stringer was pretty tight and on the top I tried to squeeze the leash plug in between my finplug and the boards end. You already know where this is going I guess! When I was done cutting the hole for my leash plug, I had a tiny hole through to the finplug hole and just cut through my stringer! Big Bummer! So I don´t think there is anything I can do, right!? But the question is, is the board thrashed or is it still rideable? And the two questions that come up in my head are: Was my center fin too far back anyway, I was told it´s measured from the imagenary line between the two tails tips!? And where do you place the leash plug on a fish? I mean I´ve seen it on the side just in the foam, but heard it´s not recommended.

I hope I can still use it, since I´m going to France in 10 days!


No biggie - Take a look at your swallow tips. No stringers there either. It might get tricky keeping resin in the holes when you install the plugs but nothing some masking tape shouldn’t take care of. Just plug the other side with some tape over the hole - you don’t want resin going through the hole and messing up your plug install on the other side. Install your plug - either one first. When it’s cured, peel away the tape, do the other side and don’t worry about it. The resin filler will take care of it.

Cool, that sounds good! I thought it would be horrible and it would take all the strength out of the tail.

I´ll do it that way! Thank you very much! I´ll have a better day now (since it just started over here in the old word!)