Big Sur 2011 - 1st weekend in October

looks like the usual crowd will be doing the usual things in the usual places…be there, or you’ll miss it.


Posted: Tuesday, 26 April 2011 10:20AM


Gorda, CA -- Caltrans estimates it will take four to six weeks to reopen Highway 1 at Alder Creek, 2 miles south of Gorda. The scenic highway between Cambria and Carmel has been closed in one spot or another since March 16 because of landslides above or below the roadway. A helicopter will deliver equipment to the slide area this week and trucks will haul debris to dump sites at Willow Creek, about 3 miles to the north of the slide, and Grey Slip, about a mile south of the slide.

The Amgen Tour of California bicycle race, which annually draws a top field of international contestants, is due to come south along the highway from Seaside to Paso Robles on May 19, less than four weeks from now. Tour organizers will work with Caltrans to make a decision by the end of April on whether to reroute the race.
Caltrans recommends that travelers going from San Luis Obispo County to Big Sur take Highway 101 to Salinas, go west on Highway 68 and south on Highway 1 south to Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur.

I just drove through - one lane in a couple places.


did you drive south of Plaskett?

All the way through baby…  North to South - I think there were two traffic lights at the one lane places.  By the looks of things, those one lane spots will be there for a while.

Great news! Hope to see ya in Sept!!!!

Do any of the brothers have a space the Resinhead can cram into for a few days?


I don't snore

I don't fart

I use foul language in the most appropriate times. As in when the Racoon are in the trees eating my Figgy-Nootins

I do have some money

I do have beer

I do have sand paper, tape, and assorted gas masks.

I do have a very small tent.

Sure we will have room…

I’m in.  Reserved site #27 but only for Oct 1 and Oct 2.  Wife
hates camping, so I’ll have room to share.  Anyone P.M. me if you need a

I drove from Salinas down to Morro Bay the other day and the road was open all the way with 3 spots where it is single lane with traffic control.  From Plaskett Creek south all was clear.  Plaskett Creek was full mid-week but looking fairly green for this time of year. 

I have reservations at site 38 from 9/29-10/2 with room for one more car.  If someone needs a spot PM me.

Does anyone else have space for rooster and his truck?

I’m told I snore. 

I fart but they don’t smell bad.

I brush my teeth twice a day.

I’m happy when I drink.

I share my booze, boards, and food.

Rowdy children don’t bother me at all.


That's funny...My farts don't smell either?  What are you bringing to eat?

   Aloha Keith, I just want to put in my order for 2 lge tees in case I can't make it. Aloha,Mike

heya Mike,

we have room. I think my farts smell great. I'll look up our spot # and send it.

#34. I think I stole Mark and Ray's spot. We'll go over and fart in their camp site. Jay's too..he'll like it.

Last weekend in Sept.........Farting and children too...I'm restoring an 80's board for you to test ride!!!

anyone interested in trying the group spot in the future???? We've got away with three cars per spot in the past even though the rules say 2.......



heya Mike,

we have room. I think my farts smell great. I'll look up our spot # and send it.



That just confirms the conceited bastard .....always thinking his farts smell great.

at least he sleeps in an RV so we don’t have to find out.

I’m ready to go…  Three more weeks… pray for surf!