Big Sur 2012 - end of September

I just started looking for windows of time for SA 2012… the Big Sur Jade Festival is Oct 6th, so we can’t do that weekend.  I’m planning on Sept 28/29/30th.   Reservations will open up 6 months ahead of that, or about 2 weeks from now… be there, or be square.


Keith, if you make it a week earlier, I’ll come up and help my daughter at Stanford, then stay the weekend and check this out.

That would be the weekend of 9/22-23. 

Unfortunately, sites became available for the weekend of 9/22-23 last week.  Most of the sites in the campground are already reserved for that weekend.

The window for making reservations for 9/28-30 just opened this morning.  Get em while their hot!

Yes, it’s unfortunately a popular campground anymore… hard to find a weekend when it’s not packed.  I just reserved a site… don’t wait, do it today! 

Hi Keith -

See you there.

Site #34 here i come.  You guys know what that means.  Checking in on thursday the 27th and proceding to rock and surf for the next four days.   I look forward to this all year long.   


Also if anybody wants to see what it looked like last year here is a link to click.    Mind you there are 713 pictures so all of you photo hounds should be more than satiated.     


Adios,  Darren 

Plea for attendance.

 Everybody thinking about coming should buck up and come.   The decision about when to come is not nearly as hard as the decision of what board to take for the third session of the day.   Adios. Darren 

working on t-shirts for this yr. get back to me with sizes and quantities. Send me a pm if you want one with your size and how many.

thanks mark

*Big Sur 2012 be there or be square!

This is a family get together with lots of kids and fun and aloha

Super stoked… only a couple weeks away!