Big Sur 2015

Hey everybody!  The reservation window is NOW OPEN for those arriving early  In there on Tuesday, Sept 22 through the weekend.

I hope I didn’t jump the gun…

The gun might have been jumped.

AFAIK, Keith is still tabulating votes for dates.

Keith usually takes the undesireable job of trying to make it work best for all the regulars.

Then lets those folks know before it gets posted on the main page that way there isn’t confusion and scrambling.

I can always cancel my dates and move it to the right dates.  I have a long Trailer, so I have toget one of the fewer longer spots.  I wanted to err on the side of caution.

October 3-4 is the weekend.  Hope to see bunches of swaylockers there… 

who’s heading up to Big Sur this year?  Surf size predictions?  I’m thinking it will be warmer water than usual…

Spring suits?  Trunks?

We have been in trunks on the sunny days

I wouldn’t leave your wetsuit or booties at home.  I went out today in Santa Cruz.  It was warm from the perspective that I felt comfortable in my 3/2 instead of my standard 6/4 hooded suit.  The report says that the water temp up here was 59 degrees today.  It said that Big Sur was 61 degrees.

I might have an extra reservation if anybody wants to go but missed out. I have some friends,(non surfers) who were coming, but couldn’t make it. So I have a second campsite if anyone wants it

nice… I have invited a few people. Might need to fit them in here and there.

If they all come, I will be over my limit for my spot.

Can you put me down for a maybe Everysurfer?

Hi Chris, You are penciled in.

The Spot is for Wednesday through Sunday

We’ll be there this year! Arriving Thursday morning. Will bring boards, beer and a giant pot Jamaican Jerk Chicken Stew. We’ll also be sharing campsite 18 with Lillibel and family. We’re really looking forward to it this year, especially since we missed last year.


Looking forward to seeing the Patos and the Llilibells!!!

Stingray and Capt’n Surf will be there Wed or Thrus…Got word that the Boyz are going, might be looking for a few extra parking spaces. ha ha.

I’ll be there on Friday, looking forward to it.

also need a if thats still open everysurfer

Spots fit two cars. Maybe P.m. ChrisP and work it out?

Me and JBird talked Everysurfer.

I just wanna make sure whoever ends up in that spot pays you back for it.

We will sort out money up there.

Just let me know what I owe.

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Wed Sep 30 2015 - Sat Oct 03 2015 (3 nights) $84.00