Big waves in the mediterranean sea

I knew that there could be nice waves here and there if you’re quick and know the area. Didn’t know that sometimes you needed a 9’6 though.

I shaped a gun for a surfer from Corsica years ago - actually a shorter semi-gun for one guy and a full-blown 8’10" or something like that for the other. People in the shop were constantly saying, “But there are no waves in the Med…” It can get big, but often short period, less-than-ideal conditions. Hat’s off to those fellows.

The ride report came back positive on the big guy, much to my pleasure and relief. That was the first gun I had shaped for someone else. 

I’m shocked.

Are these waves that generate within the Med or outside and get pushed in?

Looks like the Great Lakes on steroids. Ugly, bumpy, stormy and onshore.

I have seen pics of waves in Italy that while not as big, they were very impressive. Clean, overhead,  and hollow.

The East-West fetch in the Med has potential, if you have the patience to wait a few years.

The waves are all generated within, SammyA’s parallel with the Great Lakes is a good one.

I’ve seen really clean surf in Italy and near Barcelona, but I’ve never seen it big and clean. Sure it happens… but I can’t imagine what it takes to get that one, micro-window.

It is all within the med. I’ve seen plenty pics/vids of the med with clean head high conditions, but again, you really need to know the area pretty well. Got a buddy in Italy who scores on a regular basis really nice waves. But as quickly as they appear, they vanish again. 

In an older issue of the surfers journal there is an article of derek hynd going to italy.


A nice feature of the mediterranean is the lack of tides! So you have consistent waves any time of the day.

Especially when waves vanish as quickly as they appear, this is a good thing. In the north sea we have the waves vanishing quickly as well, and the window get’s even smaller with the tides.

The mediterranean waves are great for windsurfing!

meanwhile in front:


nice pics - nobody out?

…hello Huck, thanks for the correction in the post.

No crowd; waves waiting for surfers to tame its.

I’d love to see those pics as well, not showing for anybody else?

Sorry some kind of glitch or disconnect going on, I tried to check the images but photobucket down for maintenance.  Don’t know if thats the issue or not.  Will try again later.  Reverb feel free to post the pics again if you’d like, to see what happens.  Again, sorry for this.  The pics showed at first, then they were intermittent for me, now not at all.

I lived on med coast, near Narbonne, for 6 Years at end or 90’s. Not best place of surf for med but have some good small waves sometimes. Far less than where i used to live near hossegor ! In med waves i see were usually smaller and weacker, short period windy but sometimes can be perfect if you can be at right place and right time. Best spot for slalom windsurfing for sure.

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