Bigguy doublewing singlefin with sidebites

Found this intereseting 6’0 outline on the net but would like to scale it up to maybe 6’8 or a 7’ board for a 6’2 200lbs 6/4 winter armour wearing gorilla. Any thoughts on dims for small to medium waves?


I was thinking maybe 22x 3 1/8.




I think you're on to it.

The whole reason I started making my own was because at 6'4" and 225 lbs. those little wafers just sink, especially with a full suit of rubber. Scale that sucker up and keep it wide and thick. I really like that one on the far left with the wings further back. For smaller waves and greater speed I like to minimize the rocker a bit and make it more continuous from the nose to at least the mid point. Certainly just a garage hack but I have been pleased with the results. Hope you post the build!


Hi Sami,

I think you might be going too big.  I’m 210 and 6’-6" and my width for 6’-8" to 7’-0" is closer to 20" to 20 5/8" wide.  Thickness around 2 1/2" to 2 5/8"  Small slower waves around a 15" tail.  semi gun/ step up 13 3/4" tail.

I'm 205# and this winter I've been having a blast on a retro 6'6 x 22.75 x 3" with a flat rocker surfing in a 5mil.

Mako, nice dims I think I saw that board on another thread. I think you talked about how you wish you had built one like it sooner?

My small wave board is an epoxy 6´4 x 23 mabile whitepony and my stepup/travel is a  McCoy thruster nugget 7’2 x 21/2. So I’m looking for something that would fit betewwen the too since bringing two boards on a trip apart from Norway is out of the option.

And I’ve sen a lot of  boards for bigger guys in the 7ft range that don’t have enough curve in the outline IMHO. I haven’t experienced any drawbacks with “healthy” widths. On the other hand wehave a very low saltcontent, the gulf is actually frozen right now so that migh be one reason I’m a fan wider boards. Wings like the ones on the drifta above  will still pull in that tail enough and still give me the float and glide I need on fatter sections/days.