Bill at Bird's

Beautiful, Bill:

Dang! Board of the century is right. big UP Bill


Damn Bill!!


that stringer is insane… love your red dot logo on it too




The red dot decal was created, and put into service, in 1962.        The decals used on this board were cut out in 1964, and put into storage.      I pulled out two of them to put on this board.      I’ll be using more of them, if people like them.      They’re a blast to my past.

Tour de force indeed.

Enjoy your posts Bill. 

Modern surf history is young and you were close to it’s beginning.

When are you going to write a book? 


Bill, what fin did you end up going with? Box, or glass on? Beautiful board!!

Aloha Phebus,

The fin is my own design, crafted for me by Mr. Dave Town, mounted in a 10.5 inch FU box.    Thick foiled, of course.

I’d love to check out the board. Please let me know how long it will be on display at Bird’s. If I were younger, I’d love to surf it at Sunset, but those days are nothing but memories. Five back surgeries later, and being fused from L3-S1, I’m happy just to still be surfing. 

Aloha Phebus,

I’ll probably leave the board there until the end of next week.    (Thursday or Friday)     At a minimum.       I hope you do have a chance to see it in person.       If you have surfed Sunset, at size, this board will speak to you.       The 10’ 3’’ board in my avatar is made with the same template, and I could ‘‘hotdog’’ that board,  top to bottom in 20 foot Makaha point surf.

Stunning! Mike

Aloha Matt,

Thank you for asking about it, but I have no plans for a book.      I have been asked about doing it, many times.        Hard to know where to start.        It HAS been an interesting journey, I’ll give it that.

Absolutely beautiful Bill! I can only imagine having that at Sunset…what a blast!! Is there a photo of the fin? I assume it is not the template you sent. Is it the clear with black panel for thiickness you had made? That one speaks to me. Hope this is far from the last one. Thanks and cheers.

Aloha Tblank,

I know Bird took some photo’s of the fin, and he may have them posted on his site.     The fin is a wood core, gun fin , of my design, made by Dave Town.     Thick, and well foiled.        While the subject board may not be my last, it may well be the last one I do with a wide stringer bundle like that.    In the 58 years that I’ve been shaping, I have only done six of these wide stringer specials.       I’m glad you appreciated what that board is.        It speaks to me too.

Totally awesome work Bill.  Love the red dot, very classy

… Cool of you to pose in the pic also.

Cheers :wink:


The surfboard will remain on display @    Bird’s Surf Shed, until Saturday, Sept. 10th.      Check out the board, as well as the shop.     They just got in a TON of new wetsuits.      Might be a good time drop in on them.

Well, since I can’t get to Bird’s shop today to pick the board up, the board will remain on display until next week some time.      Therefore, if you’d like to drop in to see it, it will still be there for a while longer.   

I love that board!  This is more amazing to me than any of the new fangled boards I see all over the internet.  Classic, clean, and functional.  That is what its all about.  

The board is back at Bird’s again.     It’s been there for several months, and is now for sale.       The stringer is chambered, and the design is well proven in serious Hawaiian waves.       That template was a favorite of Jim Fisher, an early 50’s big wave pioneer,  and a regular fixture at WindanSea, into the mid 70’s.      I’m quite confidant that is the last big wave gun I will ever shape.       While it is an attractive looking board, I hope someone buys it to surf it, though it could hang on a wall too.