Bill Hamilton Bear surfboards

I have a Bear surfboard with the bear logo which has Billy Hamilton 1978 on the edge of the logo. The shaper signature is “The Bear…”  0011. Does anyone know if Bill Hamilton ever used this signature and if not who did? I have a Bear board from the movie verified by Robert Dick and Lance carson. I’m restoring this board with Ray Lucke at Backnine Surfboards in Camarillo. The logo is original dated 1978 with Bill’s name on it. I just wondered if anyone else ever shaped for Bill.

More pics of the board and lam would help. Not sure if Hamilton ever used that sig. He was robbed of the use of the Bear logo by John Milius and some other Hollywood assholes. So he made Bear Surfboards for just a few years before being screwed.

John Milius sued Hamilton over trademark infringement.  
Then Started having Bears made by who know who?Hamilton gave the boards some credibility. A Make believe brand being shaped by a real master Craftsmen.
I think you have one that was made after Hamilton was forced to stop using the Bear Logo Might be a Chinese board or just another board shaped by some unknown guy.

Hamilton made the first Bears. Props for the movie that included some falsas. He continued making them on his own for a year or two. The early Bear t shirts had his name and copyright in the logo. Milius pulled a backdoor move and went to the movie company. Bought rights to the name for a pittance then hit Hamilton with a cease and desist. Milius is a kook.

What if that “Bear” board signed by “Bear” was shaped by THE “Bear” Mirandon…As the surfboard turns…

Now that would be a rare board wound if Bear could sue Milius fr useing his Name?


That would be too much to bear…

 That was such a bad pune, it hurt. Can’t Bear the pain much longer.  




I’m just trying to grin and bear it…


Velzy was the Bear there,  yeah???



   Bare your soul.     But only to the sole bear.      I need a beer now.   

Funny I have one that’s signed" shaped by the bear oo6"
looks like the same color scheme .
i’ve emailed Bill and have heard many stories

My experience with Bill was he’s not interested in talking about his Bear boards. I don’t really blame him. If you reach out to Terry Lamb on Facebook he can verify the logo. Terry designed the original for the movie and is a good guy.

Hey thanks for the reply!!
I’ve been asking for 20+ years now
I emailed Bill years ago and all he said was “that’s a keeper” so I don’t really know what that meant ? Just recently the stories are coming out about what happened between Bill & Milius
I inquired about who made the boards for the movie and got no where.
I bought mine when the movie was still in the theaters. The guy was a prop master and he had a few.

I’m still crying about the Yater apocalypse now Kilgore board I had in my hands ! There were 3 left of the original 50 sign/certificate / board bag and photo with Reny Yater for $3000….there selling for $15000 now.
Agh !!! I just wanted the board

It’s got the same logo like yours silkscreen Hawaii/1978 Bill Hamilton
And pencil sign on the stringer “shaped by the Bear …0006

Thanks again

Ps did terry make the bear logo?

Yes, Terry Lamb designed the logo. I have 2 from the movie. The one I posted I bought from a pawn shop in Hollywood that was selling a bunch of props from the movie, I have tried to find out who shaped the boards with the Bear signature for a long time with no luck, Randy Rarrick might know.

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That’s a bummer about John Milus what a kook move! Anyways I question some of his writing! I know he’s done some amazing work,But the whole surf scene in apocalypse now was pretty weak imho …”a six foot peak, hell this whole country is just goddamn beach break, a six foot peak, haha”

maybe I’m paraphrasing a bit But in my experiences a “peak” is usually found at beach breaks…and six foot? Pretty good surf forecast! I would have re shot the whole scene…….not showing too much surf experience there John! Sorry I do have huge respect for the guys writing But in this case?
Really ? Pretty weak!

And I worked on flight of the intruder and remember those Milius groupies wanting me to bring in my bear! Haha yeah right I know how that would have worked out!
I think I replied “I thought you were going left”!lol

Sorry for the long rant But I’ve been trying to find out info on this subject for years