Bill Thrailkill - Hansen Board / looking for info

Hey guys, found this board on the EC just like most of them from what I’ve been reading.

I’ve got a hunch who shaped it judging by the T but more curious if it’s a 50/50 and what year it was.

Tail Serial is: 7040.T

Stoked to be able to add it to my walking quiver.


Nice find.
Most of the board provenance gurus have retired from Swaylocks.


Anyone know if Thrailkill is still alive. He was at least in his mid-80s when he last posted here years ago.

Yeah, he’s still around. The subject surfboard was shaped in late spring 1966, based on the board number.


Thanks Bill, happy to see you still posting on here.

Is it a particular model or just a how you felt like it shape?

At that time that was a ‘‘standard’’ squaretail, which later became ‘‘The Master’’ model. Basically a beach break Pig.


Good to see you’re still out there.

It’s awesome that you’re still around Bill. I’ve talked with you on the phone a long time ago and it was very insightful. The Twingle is in my current quiver.