Bill Thrailkill, you owe me a new surfboard

Yeah, I’m with you on the twin fins and keels. Love the freedom that comes with twin fins and especially keels. That extra drive and speed is just an amazing feeling.
I got into surfing as an adult and mostly surfed longboard before heading down in size (mostly so I could surf the right board depending on the days waves) but thrusters always felt a little constrictive to me. Felt like I was tied to the pocket and needing to pump to generate speed felt like work I didn’t really want to be doing. My feelings on thrusters is almost certainly more due to my lack of skill than anything else.

But with twin fins, especially keels, I felt like I could be on anywhere on the wave I want to be and still have the speed to get back to the pocket. I’m more of a flowy surfer not so much power surfing so twins just feel so buttery and smooth.