Bill Wetzel

bane , you out there?

bane , you out there?

had a pintail Hanalei gun 70’s that your dad shaped 9’0 got it from a friend was a rocket ship wish i still had it ,Rode it  At big Laniakea with  big closeout sets maxed out, broke it at inside Sunset flying from the outside great memories your dad could shape  Aloha

Cool board, neat thread!

Just a quick footnote: when I was in Peru, I interviewed Carlos Dogny, the father of Peruvian surfing while in Miraflores. They established the Club Waikiki there and as Carlos’ guest, he took me down below the pool and clubhouse. There were racks and racks of surfboards from famous surfers that had come and competed in their World Championhips. It became the custom to donate their boards to the club.

There were stacks of boards down there that Carlos said members could ride in the break across from the club, and the boards were meticulously maintained. I could hardly believe my eyes when they fell upon the “Hyper Kick” that Brewer made for Reno Abellira.

True story.

Peru, 1979, as a “Surfer Magazine” correspondent.

so bane,

how 's it going with this craiglist deal,


need help?


so any pictures of the kauai days of your family?