Bill Wetzel

looking for Bill Wetzel shapes, please contact me!

thank you!

Here you go Bane, 9ft Bill Wetzel from San Clemente. Better than professionally refinished by me...........Resinhead. Water tight, Shiny, flat, wobble free, solid color resto, and custom yellow glass on fin to match yellow original pins.....check out black resin glue line stringer. I've surfed it about 5 times, but pretty much a wall hanger quality board....meaning perfectly flat deck, bottom, and color work. The logo is a bit faded but you can make out the WETZEL when looking up close, for some reason the SURFBOARDS part of the logo is in better shape?


The shaper is a transitional board with a big Vee in the tail. but rounded roll belled bottom.


I found the board in Borrego Springs about 10 years ago....


thanks for the reply!

board looks great, Bill was my father. i am looking for his old boards for sentimental reasons (wall hanging only) Are you willing to part?


No boards, but I can dig up and post some ads and photos of him surfing from old surf mags if you’re interested.

Sure I would, but only because it would be really cool getting a board back in Wetzel family hands.  It's a fun board to ride. send me a pm, and we can talk the details.

In about 1970  my dad bought a used Bill Wetzel from Greeks surfshop in HB for 30 bucks.  Bill must have been inspired by Reno’s elf-shoed rockered out board he rode in Huntington, because I have never seen a board with that much rocker since.  We had a few boards, and remember my dad saying to; “grab the OLD Bill Wetzel”.  Had so many good times on that board, we used it to prop-up the concertina wire to sneak into trestles  more than once.  When you got to the nose to hang five, (my signature move back then), the board would helicopter.  I had some great times on you dad’s creation.  Funny, the other day one of my friends out of nowhere asked about the “old Bill Wetzel”, in context that only someone could really appreciate if they had heard my dad say to “grab the Old Bill Wetzel”.  I can still see where it sat in the corner of the garage by the springs, and smell the grape wax research wax, or the strawberry sex-wax that used to adorn it.  Bill was a guy that ripped lowers before almost anyone, save Corky.






more photos for you Wetzel fans.

I would love to see whatever you can find, thank you !

Thanks, i happen to have these ones, but very cool!

Bane, in that other thread, someone said your dad was a Weber team rider for a time. If so, he’s most likely in this photo.

The Weber Team in 1963.

Also in this pic are Peter “Pope” Kahapea, Tom Overlin, and quite probably Jim Overlin, too.

Photo by: Grannis

Huntington rogues gallery, “Surf Guide” magazine, December 1964 issue:

Next 3 shots from “Surf Guide” magazine, December 1964 issue.  Trestles:

Haley ad, “Surfer” magazine, April/May 1964

Ya  Snoop Bane, lowers blood runs deep. Sick to see the inquiries, Your Dad was super hip. Q. What are 2 things lowers is missing? A. Mr wetzel and fur dog in the line up.

A couple of the guys in that Weber team shot went to my high school (Roy Seaman-back row third from right and George Szigetti-back row second from right).  Anybody know who the guy with the checkerboard deck is?  Looks like it could be Joey Thomas. I think he was on Weber’s team at one time, but have no idea what year(s).


Sorry I didn’t have anything new for you, Bane.  Looks like you’ve already done your homework!

maybe the guy in the back row with the biggest board?

dunno, hard to tell from that pic

Thank you, rode the board at San-o on the way home, just me and a couple great whites, good stuff

you got it (the stick)????


awesome , post pic with it of you

bill was the man, got me shaping again (in late 70's)

always first to loan eveyrthing he had

I know that Bane told you the board looks great but,  I thought I would tell you that the restoration on that board is outstanding.   Color, pinlines, fin etc.  ALL  very high end!   Excellent restoration.

Thanks McDing. Coming from you that mean a lot. You've seen your share of surfcraft repair, that's for sure.

I'm glad the board got back to it's bloodlines, where it belongs.

Karma is on your side! thanks again