Billabong-Jack McCoy Surf Film Festival in SLO

A couple of friends and myself will be attending the festival on Thursday. Anybody seen this flick? Just curious if it is a good watch.

If you’re talking about Blue Horizon, then… YES it’s good!!! If you’re refering to another Jack McCoy film, then…YES it’s good!!!

Sr Pato

andy wrecked blue horizon. Rasta , and of course , Jack’s EXCELLENT photography [as always] rescued the movie…

too many airs in taj’s ‘Fair Bits’ [but that’s just me personally]

…but some funny stuff too!! …‘girls on film’ , table and guitar surfing , and …the ‘sprout’ preview ripped …here in oz , anyway !


…always worth seeing Jack’s movies !!

Air 360 , alley oop & chop hop are the future , even big power house Luke Egan can do air . Old school surfing like sunny … … … boring .

Taj Burrow once said : The only difference between you n i is time in the water n PERSISTENCE !

Was that the coffee table surfing photo I saw a while back? Man, talk about high performance advanced tech shaping!

that’s the one !!

turn your dining room table upside down , take it to the beach , and go surfing on it …


I hate to say it, but I saw fair bits at the fremont last night and IT SUCKED. When a film stars the most progressive surfer on the planet, he shouldn’t be put second to the artistic license of the directors. Taj rocks, but this movie was horrible. Not impressed, and definitely not inspired like I was by Blue Horizon. Especially not after being forced to watch bunyip dreaming before the main showing. Normally taj’s surfing alone is inspiring enough, but not this time – the directors / “artistic” scenes / skits got in the way. Should have just had raw footage of Taj doing what he does best… even the helicopter shots were old by the end. (though I must say, that flip taj is going for now BLEW MY MIND!!!)