billy caster info ?

i am a surfer up in washington state and have recently got hold of a 70’s downrailer made by caster . the is a great ride and in primo condition . i just don’t know anything about caster and there no web site that i can find about him ! i primarily ride longboards , but , reeally like the feel from the 70’s downrailer as an alternate , fun stuff ! can anyone out there help with some history about billy caster ??? thanks

I was friends with Bill in the early seventies. Give me your email adress and I can pass on what I know of Bill. Or contact me by email .

Great guy from what I’ve heard of him…didn’t have the pleasure when I lived in So Cal. Sad loss for surfing in general. One of his riders - Chris O. - was near the top of his game when his life prematurely ended. Both handled it with grace and strength. Aloha.

Great guys both and good surfing buddies. Sad thing is, they may both have lived today.

Greg, I’m curious about your post. Could you elaborate more? Mahalo.

When I was a teenage surfer in the period of around '82-'84,Castor’s were the hottest boards in the world.The team guys @ Vitamin Sea got 'em from Cali, and they were so hot,ahead of their time.Cool, slightly chined rails,nice noses for the time…we’ve always said that if Bill Castor was around today, he would be right up there with Merrick @ Rusty. This one 5’6" twin in particular was magic.

My second surfboard was a Caster singlefin! Cost me $80 (used but perfect) in 1973… 6’4" diamond tail. Great shape …great board. Traded it for a piece of &*$%# on a Cali trip. Regret ever getting rid of it. Mike