Bing Elevator-Need some insight before I buy

hi all, i have come across this bing elevator 9’4 that is for sale. I noticed that its a custom shape which Bing verified. I don’t know anything about it other than this pic and that the nose is pointier than normal. I don’t know how else the shape is different. I am wondering if anyone can shed some light if this board is still a noserider-as it is originally intended to be. it still apears to be a regular elevator throughout except for the nose. Thanks

It would scare me to buy a board from a guy without a head.  Lol

LOL thx, any serious thoughts?

Does board have the deep concave and step deck a stock Elevator would have?

according to Bing it does.

I think that particular one is ugly but that’s just me.  The Elevator and Levitator are great looking boards otherwise.

Looks like it would just have a looser front end that would be geared to more of a performance board than a nose rider. 


That was my first thought. The color on the nose looks really out of place. Like they tried to disguise some damage. The opaque on the tail looks terrible, too. I think it would be far nicer with just the tinted glass job.

Why bother doing a tint if you’re just going to cover/ugly it up?

**Me thinks "cut down" explains alot, yeah?**


Spoke to Bing surfboards today, they remember shaping this board so it’s not a chop down or coverup of any damage. The design apparently has it’s uses. Along with it still being a noserider they stated, The pulled-in nose will allow you to drop into steeper faces and do bigger turns 



Ad hype.

And, I didn’t say there was damage. I said the color job looked like what someone would do to cover up damage. In other words, that red on the nose looks totally out of place.

The board may ride just fine, and do everything  they claim it can.

Personally, I would never do a color job like that. It is unappealing to me


**Maybe save your money. **

**Advise from da phart**

**If U like noseride and Bing, get a Nuuhiwa noserider.**

**U like steep faced (go for it) waves get a Harbor Trestle Special.**

**Both functional with a "Old School" twist.**


So…You’ve been talking to Mr. Bing???

I’m not very hip. Nice stringers and cut laps…and then bastard ass colors on the nose and tail…I’ve never met Mr.Bing.

Something’s wrong here…If it’s a new board maybe the hipsters got a hold of it in the glass shop…if it’s a used board? Buyer beware.

Nice shape…I bet it’s really heavy…go surfing


Isn’t Matt Calvani doing Bing’s now? Copeland moved to some place with mountains and lots of snow years ago, didn’t he?

Bing is the company. Spoke to the person who handles emails. Thanks for the replies.


**Me thinks so. "Never trust a fart"**


FYI, the person i was in contact with is in those photos.