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after my recent trip to california, and repeated visits to one surf shop in particular – Icons of Surf – i have completely fallen in love with the Bing Gold Standard. i was going to call up Matt Calvani and order one, and then i ran into some financial difficulties…sick dog + stolen laptop = $2500 in the hole. so, since i’m not buying myself a shiny new Bing, i figure i might as well make something similar.

i’m a bit curious about size, though. somewhere in the 9’4"-9’8" range would do me right, but if anyone who has experience with the Bing Gold Standard could offer some personal expertise, that would be most appreciated.

stats: 5’9", 145 lbs., avid longboarder

board to be surfed in shoulder to 1 foot overhead, walled up, somewhat mushy surf, as well as smaller but racier lines in the waist to shoulder range.

if i were considering a Bing Noserider, it would definitely be 10’ (perfect size for me), but given the added turnability of the Gold Standard, 9’4" - 9’8" sounds like the call. sooo…shorter, longer, or right in the middle?

I’ve ridden a Gold Standard twice, maybe 2-2.5 hours each time, and I own a Silver Spoon.

I’ve got no expertise, but my limited experience says shorter – my wife custom ordered my Silver Spoon from Matt for my dims (6’3", 192) and 10’ was out of the question – way too long.

I’d go with 9’0"-9’2" if I had your dims.

Trips to Icons of Surf can be hazardous to your bank account!


Trips to Icons of Surf can be hazardous to your bank account!

ain’t that the truth! that place is my wet dream come true. logger’s paradise. so many beautiful boards packed into that place you have to turn sideways and cross-step just to walk down the aisle.

thanks for the insight…i really appreciate it. although, i think 9’2" might be a bit short for me. i like the turnability of the GS, and i’ll certainly make use of it…but noseriding will definitely be priority #1 for me. 9’8" might be a bit much, but 9’4" could be perfect.

Where be the Icos of Surf shop?


In San Clemente, on El Camino Real, little ways north of the freeway. First place I’m going when I hit the lottery.


Where be the Icos of Surf shop?


You can check them out on line at They are really good people to work with also. I ordered a board, and when I got it delivered to me it was not what I ordered. They took it back and gave me my money back, the board came with a board bag, and two tee shirts they told me to just keep the tee shirts.

yeah, man…when i was there, i loved the shop so much i asked if i could have a sticker or two to put on my car (as a reminder of my trip to Cali, the great people i met, and that totally awesome shop). anyhow, the guy was really bummed with my request, because they had run out of stickers!..but he quickly perked up and said “wait a minute, i can do ya one better!” as he led my friend and i over to the t-shirt rack. he gave us a couple of shirts, we bought a new fin, and that was that. i love that place.

Hey Soulstice

I dont think one needs a really long board for noseriding. Sometimes (especially on beach breaks) it can be harder to stall in the pocket and turn on the tip around sections…

Im about 5’7" and ride a 9’4" log thats super flat on the points, but 9’2 on beachys. Purely for more control and responsiveness.


Oh a those Bings are insane!

thanks, flow…i appreciate the insight. shorter really seems to be the right call for this board, so 9’4" is the winner. i was raised on logs, and i’m pretty comfortable with bigger boards. i throw around a 9’0" like a little potato chip, and i have a two 9’0"s in my quiver that ride well off the tail and the nose…9’2" just doesn’t seem like enough of a gap between boards in the quiver. once i get into the 9’6"-9’8" range are the more classic cruisers. and then the full on noseriders approaching 10’0". so, for the way i plan to ride the board, 9’4" should be just perfect.

thanks, sways…you all rock.

Thank you for all the props. I ride a 9’6 weigh 190 lbs. & am 6’3

Ken @ Icons of Surf

howzit, ken. i don’t give praise unless it’s earned…and you DEFINITELY earned it!

who’s the guy who works there who’s got short brown hair, kinda short, rides singlefin shorties? he suggested the Alex Knost fin for my buddy’s new retro single over the Greenough 4A, and wanted a report on how it rides. anyhow, the board got its first surf at Lowers the next night, and it went INSANE. i need to send him my thanks. stay groovy…


His name is Anthony. Yes he is a strong advocate of the fin you are referring to it is a Fire Glas Fin Co. design. Older ones carry the Alex name newer ones do not.




Correcting myself it is Fibre Glas Fin Co. not Fire Glas Fin Co.

Sorry — Larry Allison

Ken Icons of Surf