Bizarre shark attack in La Jolla leaves a surfer dead

Just saw this from Surfline:


The body of what authorities believe to be a missing 42-year-old San
Diego surfer was found at 3:30am this morning in the kelp of Tourmaline
Beach. According to NBC 7 News,
the surfer went missing yesterday in La Jolla, California, and his
fiancé notified authorities at 10pm last night when he didn’t return
home from an afternoon surf session. Lifeguards reported spotting a
surfer swimming out to sea unusually far from where the waves were
breaking, notifying the US Coast Guard as he continued paddling.
Strangely, his wetsuit was found tied around to his surfboard unharmed.

San Diego Lifeguard Lieutenant John Everhart stated that at first
examination, it seemed that the wounds on the body resembled a shark
attack that possibly occurred after death.


The only thing I can think of as to why his wetsuit was off is maybe he paddled way out to take a crap and the shark got him. Very strange story.

…shit happens.

Yeah... isn't nature BITCHEN?

possible suicide?

I heard one reference to that on a news promo, but never heard anything more about it. Perhaps more will come out today.

If you click on the NBC7 News link in the first post, it gives an update on the story. They found his truck unlocked with the keys in the ignition in the Tourmaline parking lot. They still haven’t identified him yet, but is sounding more like he took his own life. Sad.

Suicide by Shark! Thats a first !

Officials believe he was dead, before he got love bites from a shark. Autopsy is being done today. I’m sure something will be on the local news about it.

northern lattitudes consider the ocean 

as a vehicle for suicide.