Opened the package and there it was… the new adjustable pivoting fin system! I can’t wait to install it in a new board I’m working on!!

Me neither, sorta. You are officially the first person I’ve shipped to (although not by much). I can’t wait to see how it goes. Hopefully, as well as it went here. I’ll see if I can roust up some new pics, the old ones, as you know by now, do not nearly tell the story.

blakestah, if you are still looking for beta-testers, I have a knife-railed 8’2" that I’m about to glass this weekend… funny I was just talking to a couple guys this morning after surfing about how they should try new things (and fins in particular)…

Those interested in being testers should contact me via email, blakestah AT blakestah DOT com. Please don’t clog up Swaylocks with things more appropriate for my email - it makes this place better for everyone.

Will do. Although, this seems at least as surf-design-related as complaining about crappy DVDs, fixing wetsuit seams, and the rest of what goes on here anymore…

Hey Blakestah, I sent you an email and I would like to know more about your fin systems. My email is THanks

I put a really basic page up, click the link below to see.

sorry blakestah, but im really interested in this concept and would really appreciate it if you would keep posting on here about it. even just small reviews and test performances and the opinions of others who have used it. and you can count me in as a very probably potential customer.

I’d like to hear how it goes as well. I’m also going to try the tool dip on my wetsuit seams if I can find the stuff in NZ. Ain’t got no Home Depot here in the deep south.

I did not mean I was not going to continue to post about it here. There’s a sort of fine line you walk when you are selling something, and also posting to a community board, and I do not want to appear to be ‘pimping’ here. For that reason I will be setting up pages to answer the more commonly asked questions (now at ), and answering inquiries here. Things that are obviously most appropriate for two-way correspondence are always better in email, in my opinion. To answer other inquiries about testing, if someone is a surf industry person in the USA, and reasonably active, and interested in testing, I will send a free sample, ask that you send it back only if you decide not to use it, and be in touch about feedback. For others, the price is now $75+shipping, but if people like it and production ramps up I expect that to decrease. But it would be particularly cool if independent reports of its usage were reported here - a sort of assured unbiasedness.