blank choice

i am looking for some feedback with this idea… i’m thinking about a 9’4" triple stringer and to cut back on some of the added weight from the wood i want to use a superlight blank instead of blue. i usually go for a 6+6oz deck and 6oz bottom for glass. this is obviously a weight vs. strength issue and is it worth it. for what it matters i am pretty light guy who surfs rocky points. i am open to suggestons on wood type too. thanks.

There are “Ultralight” density blanks as well, so there is one option for reducing some weight. Since, you will have 3 stringers, I wouldn’t worry about your board breaking, unless you plan on surfing HUGE waves. Also, the fact that you’re using 6+6oz cloth, you will also be adding a fair bit of strength and the board will be less resistant to pressure dings. Bass wood is the strongest and also the least expensive, so I would recommend using that for at least your center stringer. You can order custom blanks at Foam E-Z. Check the link below for contact info.

This may not be a good idea. Putting a 6/6 oz deck on a super light will mean the deck with have more “memory” than the foam. In other words the foam will dent deeper than the glass and you may have a delam situation pretty quick. Resin is where the weight is. If you want light, I would recommend a Super Blue with a 4/6/4 set up. Sanded finish. If you have concerns about Strength. Use the 4/6/4 set up with “S” cloth. Shine