Blank for ecuador

I want to make some boards but here in Ecuador you can’t find specific targets for surfboards. Locally you can get expanded polystyrene but in a very soft density and nothing like polyurethane foams. I would like to know if anyone knows where I can get white here in South America. The ideal would be a supplier closer to Ecuador or if someone can give me some ideas.

If you want pu foam, maybe you have to searcg in Perú. Artic foam have dealers there. There are foam factories in Brasil. In Argentina there was a factory (osite, something like this) but i dont know if they keep sluves, and here in Chile you can find dealers but maybe is more expensive than buying un snither countryes or import directly. Other options:
-make your own pu blank. Search the “pouring foam” thread, also on YouTube.

  • make a composite with the eps available in Ecuador
  • join eps sheets from fish or medical-vet boxes (usually 25kg/m3 = 1.5lb density, more than construction foam)
  • use balsa wood. Lot of that stuff there…

Te pude escribir en español, pero por si alguien te daba alguna información más… Y pa practicar el inglish

This was pretty amazing.
But self-made PU blanks are beyond challenging.

Have you tried any of the methods you mention?

Just the third: join eps boxes sheets. Search the joining eps threads from sharkcountry. If you use construction foam you should search threads about balsa deck, wood veneer, wood wraping eps.
Good luck