Blank order for joshmosh

hey josh , im not sure if my email is working so i figured id try you on here too. Let me know whats in stock.Also , i was offered a shaping/surfing sponsership and i was wondering if you would like some credit for hooking me up with the blanks.

Hey, my email is

did you email me late last week?

Right now I have:


6’2"C 1

6’0"R 2

6’5"R 2

6’9"R 1

And next week I’ll have a bunch of other new ones (6’2"C, 6’3"H, 6’5"P, 6’8"P, 6’7", and more).

You can also give me a call at 732-685-9589.



I have an order for a big fish for a friend who is about 6’4 and 225lbs, he wants a fish in the 6’6 to 6’8 range , do you think that i would be able to work with the 6’9 blank you have to do something for him?