blank &rocker for Lynch type egg

I did a quick search for eggs/rocker and it seems that maybe my search is too vague. but my questions are farily specific so I’m hoping one of you guys can help me out. I am going to build a 7’0" single fin egg. not a hull.


what I’m looking to make something that will trim well when I stand in the middle (like my old log) but will drive and turn off the tail. I’m not interested in a high performace egg or fun-shape type desing with more nose rocker. this one will have heavy glass and probably 50/50 rails.


two questions:

  1. how much nose rocker? I’m not sure whehter to get a 7-1EA or 7-6EA from US Blanks. will the ‘natural’ rocker work? it’s 5 7/16 at the tip of the nose on the 7-1EA. or should I get the longer blank so I can move the template back to decrease the rocker? what would be the optimal nose rocker for a heavy egg designed for point breaks if what I want to do is trim?


  1. bottoms - I figure a little vee off the tail. any other suggestions? should it have a slight single through the middle? or flat? or slight belly up front?


I’ve been surfing for over 15 years and consder myself a competent surfer.  my quiver includes  short fermance fish, performance thrusters and a 9’6" heavy log. our waves are primarily long mellow cobblestone point breaks.


any help on this design is appreciated.



on second thought - I wonder if I would need to use a fish blank like the 7’3" A from US Blanks to get the right rocker.

Hi -

Talk to your blank supplier.  US Blanks and the rest can easily tweak rocker to your specs.  I.E.  -1" nose or whatever.  Find the blank that best fits your design and you'll have less foam to mow.  Depending on their delivery schedule it generally doesn't take much longer to receive custom rocker specs.

Hi John. Thanks for the reply. I guess my question is more a design question.


what would be the desired rocker for a 7’0" single fin that’s meant to trim? -as opposed to a speed egg type desing.


I reckon if you want glide it should be flatter than a new school rocker type shape. I’m just not sure what rocker I need to be looking for.




for trim in mellow waves:

4 3/4_1 1/2_1/2____3/8_1 1/4_2 3/4

rolled entry bottom to flat to some V in the fin then flat behind fin


Didn' know that Wayne Lynch ever shaped or promoted an "Egg" shape.  Clue me.

Hi -

There was a movie way back when called "Evolution" that featured Wayne Lynch riding what appeared to be an egg style board.  It had a big flex fin mounted pretty far forward on the board. It looked fairly flat but I don't have any rocker specifics - the -1" nose rocker was just an idea.   

There was some really good surfing in that movie by both Wayne Lynch and Nat Young.  I remember long lefts with rides out on the shoulder followed by 180 cutbacks into the soup.  Pretty heady stuff back in the day.

A guy I knew who used to ride Malibu a lot wrote to and received a paper template directly from Wayne Lynch.  It served as a baseline for a bunch of underground boards that were referred to as "Reverse Tear Drops." 

As this pic shows, the wide point appears to be aft...

PS - for only $600 you could buy a set of 2+1 tri-fins to finish it off.




Sort of on topic, but why do almost all eggs have the widepoint forward?.


Wouldn't an egg with the widepoint sentral, or slightly behind centre be much more manouverable, even with a wideish nose??. I have a midlength that is similar to what im describing, and boy, as a thruster, it's very loose. Though most short eggs i see have the widepoint forward and wider nose than tail.


also the board shown on that poster never actually appears in the film . I have some dimensions of the Wayne Lynch Evolution Board  1968 which was issued on a Quiksilver Masters Collection

Are as follows

lenght 8’

nose 161/2’’

middle 22’’

tail     20’’

wide point is in rear but does not indicate where

11’’ fin

21/2 thick

I think these boards go great and very under rated . I and have a version shaped by Chops Lascelles in UK .Works very well in beach breaks which is what i surf in UK .Its a single but might be fun to go multi . If any one else has any versions of this shape would love to hear more.Going to put on Evolution as a tranquillizing  background to ease the pain as i do my Tax





i built a similar board last year, a 7’6, and rode it in all conditions of the FL east coast including hurricane surf.

i have a template board from about that era, a 7’6 round pin, V bottom, single fin with the pulled rails typical of that time, circa '68.  i used that outline, but put a modern bottom ( concave in nose, flat section in middle and a dual concave/v setup in the rear, sorta like a bonzer but only about 3/16 deep and a thruster FCS setup for fins) did 50/50 rails in nose and tail and down rails in the middle  goes great and floats my 170 lbs easily.

basic dimensions are 18" nose, 16.5 hips,wide point at 22.5" about 54" back from the nose. if u pm me an address, i can send u a paper template.

i can’t post pics off this craptop, but if the wife is cooperative i’ll try to get some pics of each board posted by tomorrow.

 i believe i used the 7’9H US blank, but due to my shoddy record keeping, i can’t find the order blank from them.  i’m going up to the warehouse on tuesday tho, and maybe they would look at my purchase history and let me know for sure.  based on the low rocker numbers, i am pretty sure this is the blank.

oh. rocker numbers:  from the board i built:from the tip of the nose:  at 3 inches, 2 3/4. 6 inches 2/14 and 12 inches 1 5/8. 3/4 at 2’ back. 3/16 @3’ back. goes flat from 38 to 46 inches back. 5/8 at 60".  1 1/4 at 72". 2 1/4 at the hip. 2 3/4 at 6" from the tail. 3 1/4 @ 3" from the tail.

board bottom


Here is the original board bottom:

Board bottom

hi reverb - thanks for the numbers. that is exactly what I was looking for. got an email from my shaper who also said to aim for 4.5" nose and 2" tail.


looks like the entry will be slightly rolled. flat in the middle. vee from a few inches above the fin and flat behind the fin. 50/50 rails -not to fat, not too knifey.

peter g. where you at in Fl?  I used to live in Brevard a long time ago. be interested in that template.

Evolution was the flick that triggered what I refer to as my singlefin revival period.  

Back when Clark was still in business I was using their 7-11H blank and taking the 6-10 length out of the middle.   Because the blank itself was pretty flat (but thick) I’d add a little more nose rocker off of that in order to get 3.75+“.   I general, I would shoot for between 1.5” - 2.0" in the tail and 3.75" - 4.0" in the nose.    They’d trim nicely but still take on an overhead wave so long as it wasn’t too fast.  


If I was going to do one with a U.S. Blank, I’d use a 7-9H with a -1" tail rocker to net 2.25" or so prior to taking the board out of the middle.  .  

Reverb makes a nice egg. There are pictures posted on “need Egg help” thread. Check it out.