Blank selection for a really short, wide single fin?

I’ve got this wierd idea … I want to shape a board about 6’6" x 24" x 3 1/4" pin tail with 50/50 rails, heavy glass, and an 11" single fin … a super short board that will glide carrying a 210lb guy on a tiny wave. Basically like the front 3’ and back 3’ of my 10’ cooperfish stuck together.

What blank would yield a board of this size with a nice fast natural rocker? Any bets on the board working as designed?

How about a 7’11"H, and orient the shape toward the back to keep the rocker extra low?


An EPS blank is your best bet. They all come 24" wide.

Otherwise a Clark 6’9"A is nice if you don’t cut too deep.

6’9"A looks perfect … thanks! Its OK if it comes up a little shy of 24", it’ll still have the effect.

…I’d like to see it when you’ve finished it , please Pickles ! [and to hear how the flying saucer rides]


7’3" E with “Frye Rocker” or try one of the new Pavels. Not sure if they are in the catelog but if you call they can set you up.

Hi Pickles here is a photo of my brothers 6’9"a taken to the max.

Thanks everybody. I’ll cruise down to fiberglass hawaii and see if he has one of these in stock …

the 6’9 A is a very very versitile blank. and its 24 1/2 in the widest part. so i would defiently go with that as your blank selection.