Blank suppliers Europe


Don’t know if this I should be posting this question here… but anyway here goes!

I’m looking for blank suppliers in Europe, at the minute just PU. Can anyone recommend anyone.

I’m based in Ireland and have looked to Asia offering min quantities of 100 from 25-40 US per blank, although I’d have reservations about


If anyone could advise on supplier somewhere closer to home I’d really appreciate it.








im irelands biggest supplier of blanks and materials.

i have over 300 blanks in stock at the moment.

also resin and cloth

where are you based

call: 087 7495680


Id give Paul or Bro a call at 01208 816095

I'd go With Bro and Paul  . Nice guys who stock a range of quality blanks .


PaulUK what blanks do you stock ?

i stock xtrafoam

and im based in ireland so he wont have to ship them in to the country.

really depends how many blanks he needs?


In addition to Pedrodm's question, can anyone help with blank suppliers on Mainland EU.

Northern France or the Netherlands?


Still looking…

i’m looking around the 150-200 blanks…

Any manufacturers out there looking for some business???

pm me your email address and i can send you my pricelist



Pedrdm & Pauluk,

SB USA here. We have been shipping blanks to USA, Japan, Mexico, Central America, South America (not Brazil), Carribean, France, Spain, Portugal, Canaries, etc. You can buy 1 or ................................ units. Please visit our website @:


You can also request a price list on the website. Here in California all the world's top brands are using Surfblanks many exclusively and many of the top pros are ridding our new "Premium Yellows" So whatever either of you need let us know.

Thank you.

Hi Bogus ,


Zac des fourneaux, 3 Avenue Albert Denis
Tel. +33 5 46 27 00 27 | Fax. +33 5 46 27 03 27

or online at

Just in case you might reconsider EPS, try

You can design your blanks and have them cut exactly to your spec.