Blanks Europe

Wondering if anyone got some suggestions of blanks sent to Europe (Sweden)

*Seabase is out of stock on longboard blanks in England and shipping/pricing from Seabase France was 250 pounds more expensive.

*Trioceansurf got X-tra blanks from South Africa. 165£ shipping for 4 longboard Blanks. Not sure about the X-tra foam.

*Homeblown Never came back to me as promised. 

*RSA blanks from SA was also going to check the shipping costs but never heard from them again.


Anyone else got some advice? must be more than me that is living in this part of the world? 


Hi Jade, 

I’m fron Italy,

do you try at viral surf?


Yeh, I think they wanted closer to 200€ and the blanks are fairly expensive i think

Hey Jode,

In an older topic by Koudwatervrees(?) I replied that someone in Holland makes blanks. Can’t tell quality or sizes.

But I think all shipment in longboard size will be expensive.
Maybe cheaper to take a trip to England and pick it up.


Found the thread but no name or / link :confused: thanks anyways.

Think I will try the X-tra 10"3 longboard blanks.  

Why don,t you use eps ?

I’ve made 2 boards now in EPS. Would like to try the difference.

Also can’t find EPS that is thick enough, Not really a problem with the length but I have to glue joint them to get the 9-10ft. 

You can buy a big block where EPS is built and after cut it like you want…

… or not?

For my last boards I got my resin from

fast shipment, don’t know about shipping costs for blanks though. 

Hi Jode, i have used these blanks on a number of occassions & prefer it to homeblowns own. Have two of their 9’6" longboard blanks in the shack. It’s decent foam & the best carriage i can get to the north of Scotland. Slanj. 

I have been in contact with several EPS suppliers and none of them wants to sell blocks of EPS.  Packs of pre cut sheets 1200x2400x100 mm is what I can get. 

Thanks for the inputs about the X-tra foam. 

Contacted The price is more expensive in France than in other countries 

10`3 blank in France = 175€

England = 122€

Hi Jade, check if there is a manufacturer of packing material or maybe even an EPS producer in your country. In my expierience, the hardware stores etc are not that flexible…

in my experience


Yes, I have been in contact with the companies that make the EPS.  They either don’t want to sell to private people or tells me to contact their resellers. 

The place I get my eps from now cant sells me uncut EPS for some reason. 

That’s why I thought f… it  and pay some more for blanks until I can find EPS blocks it the proper size and density.



Thanks to the Brexit?

I remember England being more expensive than France.

Did you contact AtuaCores in France? They usually have great shipping rates, much better than what I was able to negotiate when still shaping actively. Choose your density, have your EPS blanks in whatever form you want, great service.

Yes they do charge a bit less for shipping but not sure if I want a cnc cut blank. Does that mean that hey also do the rails?


I think I will order four 9"8 longboard X-tra blanks £97.20 + shipping. 

They’ll send you a block of foam, or a template cut with our without rocker, or a cnc shape… pretty much whatever you want. Stringered or not, for example. And in whatever density you’d like. Gives you a lot of control over the building process.