blanks in massachusetts? i want to surf!

so, never really posted here, always keep reading, but, i just moved from san diego (part of the dirty mongrel crew that goes up to swaylocks with darren) out to cambridge, ma to do some of that grad school nonsense, and it turns out used boards here are a) stupid expensive b) stupid expensive for what they are c) pretty god-awful. so, i was thinking i’d just shape a longboard for the summer, but have yet to find blanks out here… anyone got any leads/ideas where i could get some? much thanks. live the dream.



there are some decent shops around here that might be able to hook you up with a used board, though they are definitely more expensive than out in california where you’re overrun with boards.

as far as blanks go, we have a few shapers around new england that might be able to help you. check with dave levy down in RI ( he’s a good guy and always willing to lend a hand. Rachel, a member on sways also sells EPS blanks, last time I knew…and if she’s still in college up here than she could hook you up.

good luck sir, and welcome to the flatlands.

I know that Sashi from 5 star in NH sells blanks but generally he only shapes shortboards and smaller shapes. I bet he could get you a longboard blank but im not entirely sure. Im going to shape a longboard for the summer too and I was most likely going to see if he could hook me up.