bleeding prob.

Ok,I did a black line around my color rectangle The solid color of my rectangle works fine they re under the glass...But the black line is on the top of my glass I tried my epoxy over the yellow bleeds... So I tried only my clear spray by KRYLON and it bleeds ...big time over my black marker .Sure I can wipe off easily my line with thinner or sand it off but before do it I would like to know if you have other solution

I can't tell from the pictures. Where are you in the glassing schedule, is this on top of a sanded coat or on top of your lam?


sanded coat

Either the wrong kind of marker or there is acetone or some other solvent in the clear making it bleed.

Disclaimer: There are a multitude of ways of doing this, below are the two methods I use.

Easy Way: Try using a black Posca pen and then seal it with clear resin.

Alternative: Use black pigment in your resin for the pin. The trick on doing resin pins is waiting until the resin goes off just enough to stay put while you pull the tape. Then tape off approx 10mm on each side of the pin and put down clear resin over it. Pull the tape once it starts to gel. I always use a little extra additive F when doing these both for the pinline and the clear. Helps it not to fisheye. when the clear hardens completely, very lightly (with just a fingertip wrapped in sand paper) sand with a high grit like 400-600, blend the edge of the clear and your done. If you gloss over this make sure to be just as careful sanding around these pins or you'll be doing them over again!




The easy way ,you that you wrote ,is the way I did ,sometimes it bleeds and sometimes it does not .When it is flat it stays.  THanks!Woody