Blending Curves

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Templates are up!


Here is the original post explaining detailing my ideas (over a year ago, whoa).


It’s been crazy trying to figure this whole thing out.  I created the entire site myself, researching as i went.  From a professional standpoint, it’s a complete hack.  If any of you know anything about building websites, you’ll notice that i image-mapped everything.  Meaning each page is just one big image with parts of it linked…which apparently is bad form.  It was really the only way i could get it done as fast as i did while maintaining the look and feel i wanted.


There are over 100 free templates with more on the way at some point (the ‘other’ category is blank for the time being).  The ‘resources’ page is still not complete but i hope to wrap that up sooner than later.  Thanks for all the input in the original thread.  I’d love to have you guys/gals check it out and give me some feedback.  Keep in mind that no drastic changes will be made but check it out and let me know what you think.  Again, thanks and enjoy!!!



Good stuff!  I’ve been looking for a longboard template. Thanks.

my pleasure!

This must have taken a lot of work, nice job! This is quite an altruistic offer, which is rare in our world. Even if I never use the service I want to thank you for all your efforts. Look forward to checking out the site in detail. Thanks Again.

thanks tblank,


Yeah it was a lot of work but worth it in the end!  Thanks for checking it out.

The site is great… Thank you for doing this!!! Are you going to add rocker profiles in the future?

Very Nice! Great job with the site, navigates well and the downloads take only seconds! Hope you add everything you can get your hands on! I'm just a garage hack but if I can ever contribute I certainly will. Thanks!


at some point i would like to do this.  I was also thinking about fin outlines as well.  A couple ideas floating around still.  Thanks!

way cool!

me likes it

I’m sure this will be incredibly useful for A LOT of people. Thanks for all your hard work!



Wow, thanks for the generosity and effort.

I’ve downloaded a couple - the nugget a looks like to have some interesting wombatty simmonsy possibilities.

Thanks, thats a great site . Its really helpful to have a few different lengths in the same template, I have downloaded a Simmons looking Nug and will donate something to the effort that youve made to put all these up here. Ill be using more of the templates im sure, Cheers

Thanks nocean. 


I also wanted to say that i plan on posting pix of boards made from the templates in the gallery section. 

Thanks…That 6’3" egg looks like a go! Very kind of you to take the time to do this.



Congrats on all you have done!


It seems like yesterday, but I remember when you first were brain storming the web site, and it all came together so perfect.


I would like to mention real quick to the sways community, I have used numerous templates made by Andy, and they work great.   I’m stoked for him and can’t wait to see the sways community post their build pics from the awesome catalog put togethere.





I just printed out an egg template 6.6x21.5

I noticed that the center line is not showing on the middle sheets

the curve looks ok

but is this correct or did I missprint?

Great site.  I really like the simplicity of it. So easy to use. So uncluttered. 

Have you considered posting rocker templates as well?

Yeah, with the wider templates the paper is just too small to display the full width.  Just use the registration lines at the top/bottom and you’ll be cool.

Here are some sample pics of curve blending.  Some of it freehand, some of it scale drawing, some of it connected with a fiberglass rod used to hold a bicycle warning flag.  It ends up on a thin sheet of plywood and further connected with a mini-plane and sandpaper.  Trashcan used to verify proper nose curvature.



Yeah, with the wider templates the paper is just too small to display the full width.  Just use the registration lines at the top/bottom and you'll be cool.



cool, thanks

what a great web site

I will take full advantage of it