blownout future fin box

Hello there this little accident happened to me in the water, The booard is made of 100% epoxy and it doesnt have a stringer, I have no idea on how to tackle such a repair, and I live in Scotland -  and no shapers near where I live. I was wondering if someone could provide me with some technical advice. Thank you.

Caps, where in Scotland are you? Your board looks like pu foam & epoxy! That’s a really simple repair. Will PM you.


Could be e.p.s! I’m looking at the pic on my phone.

Hey there I live near Montrose, by Lunan bay. Give me a shout when you can.

Looks like a clean SNAP.

Clean up and install new box with epoxy if blank is EPS

eh, or poly you can’t go wrong.

Sand out for “pocket” glass and finish.


Not the easiest repair to tackle if you don’t have experience doing ding repair or the proper tools. Correct way of fixing would be to route out, glue in a new piece of eps & reroute the futures box. I am assuming you don’t have a futures jig, so if not take a dremel tool to clean up the outline of the box route. Then take your new futures box and lay it in to see if the depth is corrrect. If you need to shim it up a bit you can cut some cloth and lay it under the box to elevate it. Then install the box with your epoxy resin, after that add x2 4oz patches over the boxes, hotcoat, sand and your done. Just make sure when installing the box you get the cant angle correct. Looks like you busted the center fin which should be perpendicular to the board so you could just use a carpenters square to true it up.

Hey CAPS I’ve sent you a message. I know Lunan bay well. We’re only about a 2 hour drive away. You’re more than welcome to come north! Will show you how to fix this. mgarbutt gave you some solid advice on how to tackle it if your keen to do it yourself & there’s lots of info on finbox repairs online.
Anytime your ever up my way swing in by!