Blue Tarps too reflective for shaping walls?

Hi guys, long time lurker, first post. I am trying to set up a shaping area in my garage. I have a separate space for glassing; I have read and seen pics of a lot of shaping bays on sways. Lots of cool ideas. I was wondering if setting up a “shower curtain” type wall system with blue tarps would be too glossy or reflective for shaping? I have seen a lot of talk about flat color for walls. I was trying to avoid putting up new walls and painting. Thanks for any replies!

I have an open area for shaping under the driveway. On three sides I have blue tarps hanging. Two sides to open air, one against a wall. On the two there are side lights hanging from chain. The tarps and sidelights allow me to see the shadows on the blank. Seems to work fine for me (back yard hack fine). I do have heavier gray tarps on two sides to keep outside light out as the blue tarps let light through. HTH



That’s good to hear captainsurf; thanks. I was trying to create that effect by using blue tarps with side lights, just wasn’t too sure if the tarps would be too reflective. Good to hear it works for you. I’m definitely just a hack at best myself.

If you are getting reflection… your lights are too bright.

Also, once you make a pass with the planer on each side of your blank your tarps will be covered with fine dust and dull the shine on the tarps real quick.