Blue whale SUP


I am starting my 1st SUP board.

This is going to be a compsand board on the cheap.

I’m thinking 1lb EPS, balsa-poplar ply rails,and balsa skins-springer.

After not much though I came up with these dimensions.

N18.5" W29"@+5" T16.1/4" &4.1/4"thick NR6" TR3.5" Bottom=flat to V last 3’5"

I was just messing around with my 11’2"gun & 9’6"longboard template.

Can’t afford the time, money, and space to make more than one SUP.

I am trying for an med-big wave kook board.

These dimensions are just a shot in the dark and I would appreciate any thoughts-help.

The blank dimensions & rocker can be changed with the wood rails.

I got some pretty bender ply grain on my $25 8x4 sheet, a shame to use it on the rails.

And not make a skin with it.



I got the blank glued up with a 3"x1/8 springer inside.

My clark blank as a rockerbed under.My bag is on it’s last leg, glad this was just gluing the EPS.

Now how do I fit it in my tiny shaping room.

What have I done?This looks a little intimidating in person.

Having fun,


Hmmm. Putting the springer in the middle is the least useful place to put it, structurally. Right on the neutral plane means it contributes the least to stiffness, and you’ll have the full area of the thing, meaning the most weight.

What’s a springer?

Is this a new concept?

Howdy Hicksy & Honolulu,

A springer is just a part of the Bert Burger inspired Compsand

mumbo-jumbo.A horizontal stringer that only comes in to play when the

boards flex is fully loaded and works like your car leaf springs-compound bow.It loads

up on your bottom turn and then “twang”. Suppose to be good in bumpy-bigger surf.

Never tried one.Can’t buy one.I am going to make one and see what it’s like.

Maybe I’ll find that neutral axis thingy.I have been reading way too much in the archives.

Now I am just going to go for it.

I broke my 7’6" semi-gun today then busted the fin off of a 8’4"back up board.Decided to go home after that.

Now I have more room in the garage.


Sorry to do this, but bump it I must. Any update on this behemoth?


Thanks for asking,it has been done for a while.Recycled paddle by Benny1.

It is light and strong,but a bit too much surf board and not enough of a boat to SUP.Bamboo-XPS-EPS

Now the compsand drama.

The rocker got over bent in the bag on my first skin. I should have made a rocker table.Put on the rails 2x to get it right.I may still cut the rails off and bring in the wide point.It flexes more than a PU board.

It is fun on small & larger mushy waves.You have to stand up a few seconds before yah think you have got to when the wave gets hollow. I have been knee paddling it.

My lighter more quardinated friends can stand up paddle it.

My kids like it.They picked out the paint pen logo style.

Take care,


Cool, thanks for the update. Given the paint pen logo, it is only proper if you, ahem, transform it.