Blundell Strip & Feather HWS Workshops

Hi Swaylockeans,

Just a quick announcement to let you know that I’ve re-launched the Tree to Sea workshop site.

Over the past 6 years I’ve continued to refine my Strip & Feather method and am now offering several new programs for learning it. I’m particularly stoked about these two new options:

  • **Wandering Weekend Workshops:** Two days, no clamps, no powertools, no experience neccessary; taught by me but come to you.
  • **Workshops in Warm-n-Wavy places**: Vacation-long workshops in the tropics so you can build your board barefoot & on the beach (or close to it).
Please see the About the Workshops page for general information and the announcement bulletins on the homepage as they are offered for specific workshop details.

In all my workshops, participants bring home the board they’ve built ready for final sanding and glassing. The price for the Wandering Workshops is $400 + $50 per foot for materials (price varies for Warm-n-Wavys).

Of particular interest to you experienced surfers/shapers/shavers might be the** Host a Workshop** Program where in exchange for specific support, you host a workshop and** take it for FREE **(including keep the board you make).

If you have a question/comment, PLEASE ASK IT HERE so others can see it too and help spread the good of wood!

PS - Sorry Paul, didn’t mean to displace your announcement, yours just happen to be the last previous one. For Paul Jensen’s excellent workshops using his method see

i am going to host a workshop with rich blundell in our beautiful place in pembrokeshire/wales.

date will be half term in february next year.


contact me here or rich above if you are interested.