Board #2 progress pics

Here’s #2. Far from perfect but getting better. It’s for a buddy who paid for the cost of making it. Have done two others, all three in the back yard under full sun so far from ideal lighting conditions. No more shaping untill shaping room is complete. Construction starts soon on a 11x14 building. Pictured board will have a black pin line seperating two top colors. Double 6 on top, single 6 on bottom. Fin = two plus one.

Nice work! EPS/Epoxy or PU/PE?


Sweet!!! Looks like loads of kick in the tail…Bet it’ll ride nice!!! Love the swirliness!!! Kudos

I shaped a board outside before. Under a big tree. Glassed and sanded too.

Could see the waves while doing it.

The thing went unreal,

I bet yours does too!

Thanx gents. This was a PU blank.