Board #4

like to see it. when I tried it told me

“you don’t have permission to access this…blah blah blah…”

strange times we live in…

any chance you could perhaps post the photos arty ?

cheers !


4th? board. Impressive. Looks very nice. Is that a 10ft’er?

Thanks headhigh. 9’2" 18x23x15x3

chipfish I haven’t figured out how to post the pics. Some day I will get it. If someone can help I would appreciate it.

Here ya go

Edit: Thats weird, they showed up on my work computer, but not at home. I wondered what you guys were talking about. Oh well, glad John got em posted for you!

I’m getting those little boxes with an “X” - maybe this will work. Let me know if these aren’t the pics. I took the “properties” from the “X” boxes…

I still can’t see them. Here is a link to the “Posting Pictures” thread Paul Jensen started. Maybe that will help.

John, I saw the X boxes as well. thanks for fixing

Nice looking board.

Thanx JohnMellor