Board #4

So here is my latest works that I am putting out to the wolves. The board is a creation of mine that I made for my brothers birthday.

Bro Board Quad:

6’6"x18 3/4"x2 1/2"

12" from nose - 16"

12" from tail - 15 3/4"

Bottom contours: Single concave starting at the nose to a light double concave through the fins.


phrase of the day boys and girls:

“parallel rails”

interesting though…the foil caught my eye…then i noticed it’s completely flat…then the rails looked 50/50ish…then i saw the outline…blew my mind…could that possibly be a negative rocker with the concave?? I can’t stop thinking about how it rides…have fun trying to a smooth carve on that thing…wild.

Exotic man,

I am interested to see how she rides.

It has been torture for me trying not to take it out for a test ride before I give it to my brother so I can see how it rides. But I would just feel too guilty if I did that with his birthday/Christmas gift (his birthday is Christmas eve). So I will have to wait till he gets a chance to give me a ride report, which could be a while since my sister in law is prego. As soon as I hear anything though, or if he lets me borrow it to test it out, I will definetly post it up.

love the concept.

i bet it rides like a skateboard, as in power pivot turns, and loads of speed. That wing pin would probably be quite fun.

cool, and way to think outside the norm

Thank you royal.

Anyone have ideas on ways I could have made the board better, changes you would make, etc.

Very interested to find out.

I like a woman with more curves!