Board and blanks transport

Greetings All! I’m doing a little market research for an associate who is considering , transporting blanks and boards up the east coast and out west.From Florida to all points out and back,schedule would be once a month up and down the east coast, and every 4th week out west and back.He currently hauls on-location for feature films and is prepared to convert one of his rigs to haul boards and blanks in racks without packing or boxes.$50 -$70 per board, blanks transported by the box quoted on size,picked up from Clark Foam in Melbourne Fl.Collectors, builders, sellers your feedback is appreciated. He has hauled boards for me in the past and it was glorious not to have to pack boards.Will arrange door to door delivery or convenient drop location. Thanks!

sounds great to have an alternative for shipping blanks but can do it now for $120 for 4 blanks.

Yeah Bob is right, I think it’s for as many boards as you can fit the width and height of row trailer row, which last I hear was around the area of 12 for around 120 bucks. I may be off on the numbers that “fill” but, I know it’s still much cheaper then 50 - 70 bucks a board.

Clarifying: Finished Surfboards - LongBoards and shortboards would be priced per unit, obviously there would be quantity discount rates. Blanks would be charged per BOX either long or short (not per blank).So in essence you may be paying 60-80 transport for a BOX of blanks(however many Clark foam packs in a box)and not charged by individual blanks.Maybe that will help… I know by my experience that to ship under 8’ through Airborne is at least $70 add in box from clark foam $8.00-10.00, bubble wrap and packing, tape, etc est. $85-$90 plus time and effort. there may be an alternative?

My last shippment of four blanks in a box from Clark Foam. Florida to NJ was $83.00

phil d, Could you please give me details; transit time, carrier’s name, how about your outgoing Boards? Single boards -multi? thanks

ncgyver, Transit time on the last shippment was 7 to 10 days. I had the order delivered to a local shipping outlet, simular to a Mail Boxes Etc., that kept the shipping costs down. Clark Foam won’t deliver to a residence without an extra cost, if at all. The carrier for this order was Watkins. Clark Foam does all of the arrangements and picks the trucking co.

When I was using poyester, Clark Foam ordered from Van Nuys,CA. to Texas was costing me $80.00 per box of 4 (up to 10’0" box) Yellow Freight and others with nearby hubs. Tom S.

slightly off the topic but… what is the contact info for Clark Foam blanks out of FL. I’ve searched online to no avail. Thanks, Chet

I know this is off the subject,But I am looking for a dust chute for my skil 100 like the one pictured at the url below.A shaper friend of mine has one but there is no name on it, take a look at the photo and hopefully someone knows where I can get one.Thanks!

Clark Foam in Melborn Florida (321) 259-3626

from clark foam florida to south carolina it costs $40-$50 when i have gotten 1,2, or 3 boxes of blanks (with 4 blanks in each box) - shipping is with Averitt.

How about outgoing also?

with USF and DHL and EVEN fed-x for shortboard boxes its less than 80.00 for a box from here in SO-cal to anwhere in the USA USF even does a deal like first box is 80.00 second and ech additional is 40.00

Sounds like a great idea if he can generate enough business to pull it off, there are a lot of boards and blanks being transported allready, and there would be more if transportation wasn’t kind of a hassle ie having non-surfing dufuses (is that the plural of dufus?) mishandle your boards. In Australia there is such a business already, called either Surf Trader or Board Trader, its basically a guy with a truck, that runs up and down the east coast delivering boards and blanks (including unglassed shaped blanks) to and from shapers, manufacturers, customers and surf shops. I believe that he delivers other goods to the surf shops (clothing, wetsuits etc)because he is going there anyway so he picks up the extra business. I personally would be interested, but I dont generate much business, just blanks from Clark to here in NJ and some Australian Paddleboards that I distribute for the East and Gulf Coasts that I am currently having to ship directly to the customers neatrest international airport for them to pick up because I cant find a trucker that I trust. Keep us posted.

Thanks to all for the feedback. Yes he is looking into the logistics he is a longtime surfer and knows how to handle boards unlike the guys ay Airborne who love to throw them off the plane. I’ll keep you updated you can email me directly with your contact info and when and if it goes down I’ll let you know. Maybe guys that have lower demand can pull orders together to make it worhwhile for all.More feedback appreciated on this sore subject of shipping!