board art

My girlfriend and I found an awesome well respected guy to custom make us a couple of boards. However, we both want a particular graphic on the board that does not seem to be his area of artistic expertise. We were thinking about having a tattoo artist draw them up for us but were unsure of how the art process went. Can art be screen printed onto the raw foam… is it merely a vinyl that is laid down before the board is glassed. If anybody could enlighten me as to how the best way to get what I want could get done, I would be extremely grateful

Draw or inkjet onto rice paper, then laminate. You can airbrush directly on the blank, but that leaves you very little room for error. You can also paint on the glass, but that rubs off after a while… I’m sure there’s much more info on this site if you do a quick search of the archives…


Like the man says, ink jet onto rice paper or you can buy decal tissue which is specially for the job. Get your design drawn up, scan it, print it, glass over it…job’s a good un!

Howzit Dogzlife, If you are going to gloss the board, you can have the design done on the sanded hot coat before glossing. I had a tatoo artist do some graphics do this and the board came out beautiful, he used Posca pens.Aloha,Kokua