Board back from glasser with fingerprints. What would you do?

What do you guys do in this situation?  Say you made a long board for a customer, handed it off to a glassing factory that you’ve developed a relationship with over the years and got it back with three quarter sized fingerprints/smudges on the bottom.  Ths is a clear, eps/epoxy board so the dark smudges really stand out.  Considering that you now have to pass this defect along to your customer, what sort of discount would you demand on a $325+ glass job?  Would asking them to eat the entire cost of the board (so you could start over with a fresh blank) be out of the question?



Actually, it’s a SUP (which technically is a “long” board).  Didn’t want to disclose this for fear of an internet beat down.  :-)

My customer has seen the blemish and we’ve decided to cover with some custom paint work which my glasser has agreed to pay for.  Customer is stoked on the idea as am I so all is well with the world again.

Thanks for the input.


Sooooooo many boards get by with finger prints, “I washed my hands with acetone”, try to get engine grease off with acetone, it’s a solvent, but not a grease cutter. Lam resin loves to suck the grease and grime off fingers and hands, I always pick up pre hotcoated boards with gloves, or scrap glass, now epoxy is a differnet story, you’d have to look like pig pen to smudge one of those

Shit happens in production. I would ask for the labor of the glass job back. they won’t give you  a full refund. KNock off a good chunk and your customer will prob be sotoked or sell it and make him another. I would say 75 off.

If they know what they’re doing and can pull it off, have them sand down the side of the board that has the marks, then spray white over the marks. Don’t mask the area - just blend the white out to zero away from the marks. If the marks are near the stringer or logos they will have to mask them. Re-hotcoat or gloss the side and sand or polish. If they don’t want to do it, then offer the customer a discount on the price (I’d say around no more than $50 depending on how bad it is). The shop should refund that amount to you. Next time it might be better to just shape the board and have the customer directly deal with the glass shop.

$325 to have your board glassed? WOAH!

that sucks. did the glasser say anything upon delivery of the board, or did you notice the defect yourself? if the glasser is unaware of the defect, i would bring it to his attention and see what he offers before making any demands. then maybe start using a better glasser if the situation doesn’t resolve itself to your liking.

in the grand sceme of things, it’s just a pool toy that the customer is going to set out to destroy…

get a sharpie

draw something

over the fingerprints.


tell the glasser

photo graph it

as a document

how perfect you wanna get?



a board with no fingerprints

and no bugs in the gloss

is a sorry yet clinical success.


cant buy soul

cant buy love

a perfect board?

how long before

it is in the land fill?



my right hand is perfect

my lefthand is backwards.

I am currently in llitigation

to have the left hand fixed.


and it’s CLEAR!!!

Ask the customer what he wants  to do before you freak out too bad. A lot of times a customer will let it slide. Surfboards are hand made and cosmetic flaws happen sometimes.

Got a board a few months ago with more cosmetic flaws than a few fingerprints.  I was a little disappointed but let it slide because it was only cosmetic and I really wanted to ride the board.  After a few months a few fingerprints will be the least of the cosmetic flaws.  Its not like its going to hang on the wall I hope.

    Howzit kirk, Do you know what step in the building process the finger prints got on the board? Could be in the finish and just sand them out but if they are on the foam then it's upto the buyer if he even wants it but like was said before it's just cosmetic.Aloha,Kokua

archeologic identification

will depend on

clear finger prints

circulated or mint

the condition

in the begining

is not a concern,

when the board is laid to rest

wether it has really been surfed

is the cosumate test …


for some the delivery of the baby is the conclusion

for others the raising of a child is enough

but the real end comes when the dust

returns to dust…




the japanese potters who quest the perfect teacup

destroy many more than they make…



throw it in the chipper

make it into septic tanks…

$325 for an epoxy SUP glass job is a GOOD deal, especially if it’s 6+6 oz bottom and 4+6+6 oz deck as many are.  Thats a lot of work.  There are some shops I know of that charge that much for a clear epoxy shortboard.   Also, consider that often times it takes two people to move those things around a shop without fucking something up- twice the odds of dirty hands touching it at one point or another.  Thats why I never liked working on those things and eventually stopped all together.  Considering the price I wouldnt complain too much.

agreed on the glass price. The original post said it was a LB. $325 for an epoxy SUP glass is not bad at all.


So what did your customer say about the fingerprints?

last year a drawing purchased for $19,000 and thought to be 19th century was found to have multiple finger prints on it…


from Da Vinci!


new value: $1.6 million


maybe someday those prints will pay for themselves

I’m glad the dude was cool about it and decided to go with the flow/solution.  

Maybe now he will take the plunge and learn how to glass his own board.

The finger print isn’t the big deal, the fact that the glasser didn’t tell you about it when he handed it off is bunk.

I’m not a professional glasser but it would seem to me that those guys are keenly aware of seeing imperfections. 

Maybe I’m wrong?


I guess it wasn’t a 19th century piece, then? Da Vinci died in 1519. How did they verify his prints? Do the Italian police keep booking records from that far back?