board cad -lost beanbag

Can someone make me a BOARD CAD drawing for a Lost Beanbag 6’0" 21" wide?? Willing to send someone some bucks for it

What is the Board Cad file for?  There are other ways of making a board without a computer file.

That ain’t right.  Almost everyone does “inspired by”, but copying someone else’s work isn’t cool.  

If you can’t operate a CAD program why don’t you just go to Blending Curves use put together a design out of their open source templates?  

I’m not looking to steal the board. I just like the outline, and I’m going to preverse it with my rocker and thickness.  The board won’t be the same, it’s more of a base line.

But I see your point… thanks Lee

I’m no pro so it’s no skin off my nose, but you can well imagine how sensitive the subject of copying boards is among builders.  There actually are people who are taking the actual cut files of other people’s boards, cloning them on the machines and selling those boards as their own work.  

I understand, and agree.
I don’t sell my boards. They are free to my friends. I study how they surf then make them a board to help there style.

Most of my boards are asymmetrical anyway.

And yet Simon Anderson is not a millionaire…

Regarding the original question, BoardCad has a free download.

You can copy and paste an outline pic of a board into that program then draw the outline around it.

It’s pretty easy and the price is right.

I was going to bring up simms too.
I thought board manufactures are in it for merchandise. Tshirts and sh!t