Board design for steep fast beach break

Hi all. What design elements help with steeper waves? Paddling in faster, dropping faster, stability for the fast drop and quick turn of a steeper wave.


pulled nose.

“Pulled” meaning more nose rocker?

why pulled in nose?

i relate to the issue you’re having rDJ.

IMO, for your ‘mid face spin & cock the board take off under the hook’, a narrow nose fits the pocket better & has less to get hung up on the face. Plus if it does pierce the surface, will be easier to pull back up before it’s too far under.

by a ‘pulled’ nose, i mean a narrower nose. I think a narrower nose allows you to penetrate and drop with more control in steep ledgy waves- and whip ( or ‘cock’) the board around and zip off. narrower noses you ride more off the tail - whip/pivot/snap – that’s important in fast beachies, IMHO.



I would think a flip nose would be good too. ( i don’t know if you call that nose rocker) i agree with bud’s assesment

I know many would have seen Rasta riding Dick Van Straalen’s carbon fibre rocket fish in Blue Horizon. There’s an excellent 9 min clip on my space of him going through the design elements of both a twin and quad fin carbon fibre/epoxy rocket fish.

I must say I couldn’t care less what pros are riding and have been around too long to want to follow trends.

I’ve found my flex fin rocket fish to be a brilliant board in sucky beach breaks.

This is after being on somewhat of a quest to find just that.

The wide nosed, thick rails of a traditional fish did me absolutely no favours trying to take off on steep beach break waves.

The pulled in nose and finer rails are much more confidence inspiring.

I know I’m talking about fish and you don’t normally have people recommending fish for beachbreaks but the rocket fish works.

My traditional fish is just gathering dust. Strangely enough Rasta says in the interview that he doesn’t ride traditional fish anymore and I can understand why.

The best feature of this boards shape is it is extremely fast in its reaction time. By this I mean you think, “I’ll do the bottom turn and come round to snap into the pocket to set up for a barrell”. While your thinking it, you’ve actually done it and are having to figure out what to do next.

This would never happen on my traditional fish where I’d more than likely come around and get hung up on the wall because the response time of the top turn was slow.

The ease of paddiling is aided by extra buoyancy as the board is epoxy. (styrofoam & epoxy).

The general board speed is provided by the flat rocker and the extreme v in the form of a tunnel out through the tail. The speed of release I suppose a combination of the fluted top edge in the outside rail of the tail and the flex keel fins.

Supertwin i.e Twin fins with gs sized back fin.


Single fin

Any chance of a pic of your board ?? Been playing around with dimensions for a 6’5’’ fishy/single shape and 14’’ nose x 21’’ + 2 x 15’’ tail looked fishy, but without the big wide nose.


Easiest is to go to and look for the Dave Rastovich fish interview with AC. It’s a 9 minute video of Rasta showing his 2 carbon fibre rocket fishes. You’ll be able to have a good look at them.

I don’t have any photos of my board right this moment.