Board design software for iPad/iPhone

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a template design software for iPad/iPhone over the past few weeks and I’m trying to gauge interest and see if anyone with an iPad would want to help me test it out?

I got frustrated with the software that’s exists because it doesn’t run well on my mac and isn’t the best for printing templates on my inkjet at home. Plus designing on a touch screen is fun and it’s easy to take with you and show people.

You can check out for more screenshots from the current beta version.


Looking for general feedback/thoughts.


UPDATE: I don’t have enough points to respond so answering some questions here in an update.

“Can you save and send/share ??” - Yes! Save all your outlines and email/text them to your friends.

“Will it be full 3d?” - Not yet but I’d love to get there. Just 2d outlines right now with rocker profiles next. Full 3d would be cool but I don’t have the time right now. 

“Any interest in making a web or android app?” - Yes! If it turns out being useful I’d love to expand to Android and potentially web.

“Maybe it could output measurements every 6 inches, so no need to print anything.” - You can touch anywhere along the outline and get the dimensions so this is totally possible. But maybe if it could output a table of coordinates that would be useful!

@hans finfoil is an awesome tool you’ve made I’d love to hear about how you convert from 2d curves to 3d. 


Pretty neat idea. Kinda like blending curves but with custom shapes.I’d give it a try as long as it’s not to tech 

Can you save and send/share ??

sounds interesting, i will give it a try i normaly use shape3dx so could be handy for playing when traveling. will it be full 3d? will the files be compatable with the likes of shape3d, aku ect ect? 

Cool idea. I don’t have an ipad, or iphone. Any interest in making a web or android app? 

It would be pretty nice to have something simple to doodle an outline and rocker. I would still shape everything by hand, but would be nice to have a minimal interface to feel out a template and rocker curve. Maybe it could output measurements every 6 inches, so no need to print anything.



Will it, or does it have the capability to make cross sections to do the ribs for hollow wood boards?

Looks pretty nice!

I second that it’s unfortunate that it only works on iOS.

HTML/javascript is very powerful these days, that’s why I ported finFoil to the web. The web is as cross-platform as it gets.

Feel free to get in touch with me, I’m willing to share a lot of my learnings.

Keep up the good work!

Great idea to satisfy the iOS masses. We’ve only had iOS for 15 years and your program looks great. Bring it on ! I’ll certainly use it everyday.

Here you go. Just like Solidworks, but free and works great on ipad or Mac



There is a big difference between a domain specific app like ishaper or finfoil and a generic CAD tool like onshape.

@longboardswamis don’t listen to the “I can do this in solidworks” kind of arguments. Just keep working on your app!

Keep it free of charge, it’s all about building a user base. Nice opportunities will follow.

be keen as a bean to try it.

I tried out the free versions seems to work pretty well on my Ipad.

It has some capabilities that some of the more popular programs lack ( like the ability to extrude or even do sweeps directly off of the face of a solid without having to convert the profile into a new sketch).

It’s cloud based so it has some limitations and there’s no way I’d pay $100 a month for the pro level.

 But it was really easy to build solids that can be saved to your own computer andrecognised by most of the major programs.

IMO the free version is worth every penny.