Board identification

Hi All

I was hoping someone might be able to identify this board I just picked up (in Ireland). The seller knew nothing about it except he had bought it off a South African who had never surfed it. It was
then was stored for years as he had emigrated. It has a Patagonia logo, Point Blanks decal, and was shaped by D Johnson. Any clues would be welcome.

Did you reach out to the FCD guys to see if they knew anything? Licensing or if it was one of theirs?

I hadn’t thought of that. I will give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion. I did contact a California shaper called Dave Johnson but have not received a reply yet.

Dave Johnson is in SAnta Barbara and still making boards. Point blanks
is in a ventura doing early EPS so I think it was probably Dave.

Thanks for the info. I have contacted Dave though Instagram but has not replied. Would be interested to know how old it is too. Do you know when these early EPS blanks were created?

Point blanks was before its time with eps foam, so not sure. The widespread use of eps came after the demise of Clark foam, who dominated the industry for decades. With a blank shortage, builders began to seek alternatives, but Point Blanks were already into EPS. They are the work of Fletcher Choinard, the son of Patagonia founder Yvon Choiunard. I believe one of their motivations was eco-sustainability of EPS.