Board in Master Glasser DVD

Just wondering if anyone has any info on a board that appears in the last part of Mr. Cleanline’s Master Glasser DVD, the board that is used to demonstrate the cool marble effect acrylic panels and the acrylic spray lines. It looks like a super wide-tailed early 70s twin, kind of Rolf Aurness style? It has boxes in the twin fin positions. I’m just wondering how such a wide tail rides on a shortboard, seems like it would be fast with tons of planing area but hard to turn. Thanks to anyone who is in the know, if RB reads this thanks so much for your great DVD, it’ s been a tremendous help in getting me started with glassing!

I still have that thing.It started out as a 10’0" longboard.I messed it up.Next I reshaped it in to a 9 foot semi gun.I wanted a paipo board so I cut it down to what you saw in the video.I rode it once as a belly board in 1foot slop.It eventually became a test board for various bizzare color schemes.It still has those paint samples from the video.Looks like shit.Maybe I should put in on Ebay…might bring $40 bucks or so. RB

Hey what if I put it on Ebay as a “charity” auction with all the money going to Swaylocks?I don’t have a clue how many videos Damascus sold but I think it’s a bunch and maybe we could get some bids.I sell tons off stuff on Ebay and I could have the buyer send the money directly to Mike.I would spring for shipping.Any input??

That’s a pretty good idea, maybe someone woud buy it. We should do that once a month or so, pick some old board or tool or something and auction it off for Swaylocks, who knows what people will buy!