Board Number 2

I can’t stop lurking here and am building board number 2.

I bought the blank from Ken at Segway, 2 1/2 pound foam. Ken was a great help and I couldn’t beat the price of his slae last month.

The two attached photos are what I brought home.

I finished the shape with hand tools

I sealed with Fast and Final mixed with distilled water.

I glassed on a hot day so I tried laming one side at a time. I won’t do that again,

I sprayed paint on the foam but FAILED to seal it. Before and after photos.

Rocker shot and diamond tail.

Hey Jer, congrats on board 2, and on your new "habit"!  Thanks for sharing the pics.  A few questions. The plan shape is a bit unusual, especially for a longboard - where did you get it from?  Also, the blank, as you took it home, looks to have been shaped by a CNC?  The tail looks thick in the photos - is it really thick, and if so, is there a rationale for that?  

I agree - I wouldn't try to glass only half at a time - do the whole top at once, and the whole bottom at once.  I would use a slower cure resin, or UV, if I needed more working time.  The RR epoxy I use has a regular and a fast, the fast is what I generally use.  How long is the board?  How wide?  Have any finished pics?



I often glass large boards...up to 16 ft, and in temperatures in the 80's and 90's in the Inland Empire.  I do the board in two sections, half at a time.  I wet out the glass on the deck or bottom, wet the laps, then do the same on the other side.  By the time I have all the laps wet, I can go through and do the laps on the first side.  This way the laps stay put, and I have plenty of time to get the job done.  I use Resin Research CE (2000), and get the resin out of the cup ASAP.  Double layers of glass take a bit longer, but not an issue...You do need to have everything organized, and work quickly, but I have never had a problem with the resin starting to gel before I get all the laps layed down...



That was exactly what I had in mind. I used RR ce with the slow hardener. I had 2 layers of 4 oz on the bottom, and 3 layers of 4 oz on the top. I had a little trouble on the top. By the time I started the second “side” the first coat started to gel and left a few puckers with air.

I guess I should have posted dimensions.

The board is 10’ 2’ long,The nose is 14 ,width is 24 1/2 and the tail is. 17 .
I made it really thich at 3 15/16.
The nose rocker is 7 and the tail  rocker  2 1/2.

My design and idea. The stinger is simply so I can get my arm around the board to carry it. I wanted a big board to chase down bigger waves at a place like San O. No need for a nose rider,so not a standard longboard. I weigh 215 and have found that “foam is my friend.”

It is CNC’d. I downloaded Board Cad  and sent the design to Segway. The tail did not look out of proportion to my eye, but now that you mention it I see it.

Well, there you go - an original design, and outside the box at that.  Be sure and follow up with a ride report and let us know if its your new "magic" board!  Again, thanks for sharing.

I got out the router this weekend to put in my fin boxes and leash plug. I for got to order a leash plug so I made one, again. Brass rod and PVC cap.

Another shot of the fins, and me for scale.

Fins in, plug finished, and gloss coat done. I will get a chance to test in two weeks.

Way cool - love the macgiver leash plug too.  Man that board is big!

Jerdog. The plug is a neat idea although it is not going to stay bonded and will leak in time or pull out. Also where is your safety hat ? All bolo head guys gotta wear a safety hat !! Hey is your name  by chance Jerry King ?

I hope that plug doean’t leak, I took my hat off for the pictures, and yes I’m Jerry. Do I know you from some where?

Jerdog, I think maybe I am wrong on the pull out issue. The more I look at your pvc insert I think what I am seeing is a fitting with threads on the outside or possibly a ridge on the end. If that is the case you will have a good machanical bond  so it should hold , no problem and you are completly encapsulated so no leaking. Some times it's kind of hard to make out the details in a picture. Yes Jerry King ! I just met him on Swaylocks ! Nice guy too!!