board number 8 problems

hello swaylocker’s. iam just finishing board number 8. for me. turned out okay . definetly getting better every board i do . iam stoked on how this board turned out. but I am not sure what i did wrong with the nose area of the boardiam thinking i may have takin too much foam out of the deck. and messed up the foil. or not takin the nose tip down enough left it too bulbous. just doesnt seem too flow right. i also seem to always pull the tucked under edge way to much and they end up to 50/50 ish . when is the best time to do the tucked under edge. in the shaping process? i always have done it before i skin the top should i wait till the end? RAILS ARE TOUGH !! any ways its a 6’6" by 21" egg single to v concave

I agree

you took too much out of the top of the nose (it does have a dip in it

I see eggs with a more fuller nose and turned down rails

When I shape I do em in this order

skin bottom

cut and true outline

skin the deck

mow the bottom to thickness

true it all up deck and bottom

mark rail to save outline (1/2" wide aprox) about 2/3rds down from deck (depends on type of rails)

using the rail tool (piece of wood with surefoem blade at ? angle) 1 cut on bottom rail about 1/4" deep for hard rail

using planer cut deck bands untill you like it

sureform and gently block sand rails

then ture up all again and finish sand

But I may be doing it wrong??? but it works for me

cool thanks for the info. i think were i messed up was cutting my outline and not sqaurein it up with the top( at the time i figured i would cut the top out line when doing the rail bands) …stupid!i was thinking i could push more foam back towards the tail ? but iam scared ill just over shape it and whittle it down to i actualy bought two of those blanks so iam going to try again . ill leave more foam up front . i need to go check out some examples in some surf shops.of some eggy boards. iam thnkin i could just reshape that blank into something smaller. practice practice practice… since ive found this place ive learned alot thanks for all your knowledge!