board recomendation

i need a board suggestion for a special friend of mine. shes 5’2 and 115 lbs. shes new to surfing, but is a very good swimmer. it cant be wider then 20 inches because her arms dont fit around more then that. and im thinking a 2+1 setup will be best so she can get a feel for different fins and a different number of fins.

so what do you think?


Don’t let the arm size hold her back. My daughter 14 likes my funboard thats 22", she just puts it on her head and carries it. And I have a 9’er ordered for her (me). Get what she needs,she will get it to the water,or you can.You’ll be her hero.

Big guy tri’s work really well for smaller learning surfers. They take off late much better than funboards, turn quicker, paddle about the same.