Board report and camera question...

My latest board is working well -

7’5", 10.75 nose, @22" wide (can’t remember how much I narrowed it), I can get wide point info - I’ll tell you this, then toe side is ahead of the heel side, 13.75 tail. 3.5" "belly… blah, blah, blah… channels, V’s ect.

I will say this specifically - I put about 6-7" of “flip” in the last 8-9" of the nose, and there is heavy V/hull out there… from the deck the rail line looks real low rocker - I kept the stringer near straight from the 3.5" belly area, about 2.5’ from the nose, the stinger curves up slightly and thins to about 2.5" till about 3-4" from the nose. The rails go from about 1.75" at belly to @.5" just before then tip, to the rails are around an inch thick lets say when the stringer is about 2.5" thick - to save on volume out there I scooped out the deck on both sides of the stringer (I left the stringer thick as I’ve snapped the nose of some boards with “normal” stringers - I make mine out of clear cedar, this ones around .5" thick - and I’ve buckled half the nose, to the stringer on one I made, so I’m trying to work on that too. Are you still w/me??? Ha!). So the bottom looks like the front of a boat sort of, w/about 1.5" of V/hull from the center/stringer to the rail line, than @ 18" from nose a deep channel starts, only 7" wide. The channel, which goes to 6", and V panels all resolve to flat about 6" behind the center line, which puts it between my feet.

I wrote all that to say this: I surfed some waist to chest high suck out reef yesterday -second session on the board - and even on the latest drops I never had a problem with the nose catching/pearling/etc. Just what I planned for. Very stoked I must say… ended my two session day w/a decent little chest high barrel… very stoked.

I’m wanting to get a camera to post picutures. I’m going to buy a used one, so what kind of advice do my Sway-breathren have? Minimum pixals, brand, etc… Do I need soft ware to get the pics onto my computer? I know I’ll need a cord - no biggy - but the last dig. cam. I had was a piece of poo, and needed software to support it… and it went crappy. The cameras I was looking at at a pawn shop didn’t come w/any discs, so I don’t want to get burned like that. Don’t forget - I’m only peering out of my “cheap ass master” cave, so steer me in the “minimal” requirements direction (I know I want to get one good enough so I can take pictures that won’t look blurry when blown up.)

Olympus sw1030. Good in the water to 30 feet. Drop proof from 5 ft. Shoot in camera panos. 10 megapixels. Shoot in the water, on the beach, anywhere. Best point and shoot I’ve ever owned. The ultimate surfers camera. About 350 new.

Check out the attached. Last winter in HI … sharks cove. No housing required

For software get picasa from Download it for free. It does everything you’ll need.

Good stuff Greg, and great photo… More than I am looking for at this time, although… the water thing is something to consider… What about zooming in, for surf shots from land?

3x zoom on this one but at 10 megapixels you can crop a lot which would bring you in pretty close. I cropped a shot, less than 1/4 of the screen and printed it at 13 X 19. Came out fantastic. I know it might be a bit higher ticket than you want but check out ebay, craigs list and see what you can find used. It’s the best deal anywhere.

**check out ebay, craigs list **

That’s what what I was thinking…**


How 'bout some ideas on less expensive dig. cams. that meet the minimum requirements? Please?