Board Rework

This winter I made my first two boards, shaped and glassed.  They turned out ok and my bud and I rode them all spring and summer.  I didn't put enough layers of glass on them and they are a little worse for wear now. I want to overhaul both of these boards.  Can I sand them down, fill in the dings and reglass them or is it going to be a wonderful mess?  My thought is to grab my orbital sander and break them down to the foam and rework them a bit and put three layers on the deck and two on the bottom.  Am I wasting time and money trying this?

Its a judgement call - you'll add weight, for sure, but that wouldn't stop me.  Then again, making a new board can be fun too, and sometimes less work with a bigger payoff.  Check out these blogs below:

also, check out the board lady's website:

Chalk up a lesson learned and start working towards new boards. The other is a lot of work that will compromise integrity and end up looking like dogsh#$.

Three layers on the deck is excessive. Try researching laying up the cloth on the bias or use “S” glass 6 oz. Mr Chrisp and Mr.Tate are coming up with some interesting thoughts on sequence of layers, 6/4/4 schedule with the SECOND deck layer the 4 oz. to save epoxy and weight.

Yeah, a year of everyday surfing on a homebuilt, he's gotten his money's worth!  If the design is good enough to consider a rebuild, its good enough to be his next shape.  With a few tweaks and improvements, as always!

The shapes were good. They were great in the water, much better than I expected. They are the first two so I’d like to keep them around. The only reason I would go three layers on the deck is because one is a 6’6" retro fish and the rider is 220 plus. Its a big boy board with a lot of volume. I plan to make new boards of course but these are my teeth cutters and I’d like to put them on the wall and ride them once in a while for grins.

If its going to be a terrible undertaking and ruin them I’ll patch em up and hang em up though.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’d think if these were the seminal boards then, keeping them all original will prove to be a great thing many years down the road. I wish I had my first shape. Also, I’m sure if you dig making boards then bug must have bitten and always will drive you to tweak “this and that”. Once you make a board, you inevitably begin to think, what if I changed the width/tail/foil ect. Save these for posterity, copy what you already have that works for you and improve upon that. Get your buddies to ride them and get their feedback good or bad. You ALWAYS can do better. If not in design, then craftsmanship. If it works great, make a cleaner one. Each and every one rounds out your skills.

Those are great points. I like where your head is at.

If you saw where my head normally is…you wouldn’t say that.

Did you check out Huck’s artwork on the other thread? Beautiful stuff! (Previous comment not withstanding).

matt b

make a new one

maybe change the fins somehow

but dont overdo it by hacking into it