board shaped?

how long should i wait after a board has been shaped for me to ride? I just don’t know how long it takes for a board to fully cure.-

I would wait til it was glassed. at least a hotcoat …

Personnally i’d wait until the fins were fitted too!

i guess i didn’t phrase the question right, the board has already been finished glassed hot coat and yes fins- so back to the question how long do i have to wait before riding this thing, its been for days since its been finished!

GO SURF!!! HAVE FUN!!! Tell us how it goes…


Suncure or cat kick??

I’ve made and glassed boards in 1 day, took them out the next. No problem with suncure, should wait a little longer with catalyzed kick, plus it takes longer to make the board, but who cares. Just don’t surf it when the resin is still sticky, you’ll ruin your wet suit.

So you might get a few heelies in the deck…surf, surf , surf.



UV cured resin is instant. The chemical reacion is complete once it hits UV light.

However with MEKP you should wait about a week for the full chemical reaction between resin and catalyst. But that is beign cautious.

We don’t have any waves on the horizon anyway.

Say hey to Amy and the unborn for me.


I’d only wait overnight at most after polishing. The resin’s gotta be hard if you’re gonna polish. By that time, the lam has cured a while longer.

Any dents or dings you’ll get, you were gonna get anyway. Get out there!

Town’s supposed to rise to advisory levels (overhead) on Tuesday…

Hey joshmosh , all the boards that ive shaped ( with the blanks i get from you) I’ve tried to wait a week but usually just ended up going the next day provided there was surf. P.S , im hopefully gonna need some blanks soon , so ill let you know.

Howzit Honolulu, The thing to worry about is heating up the board when rubbing out since it can setback the cure time. If you can see the weave texture after rubbing out then you’ve you’ve heated it up and need to let the board cure for a while longer. One trick is to keep a wet towel handy and as you rub out look at the area just done and if you see the weave texture apply the wet towel to the area and watch the weave disappear. this will help.Aloha,Kokua